Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, the start to great backyard BBQ’s, I wanted to give you some delicious ideas to fancy up your burgers. However, yestarday felt like late September as I was all cozy wearing slippers and my True Athletics hoodie (man that thing is soft). Needless to say there was no part of me that felt like firing up the grill or write about food that I would put on a grill.

So last night, although I wanted to eat a burger off the grill (actually I really just wanted the smell of a burger cooking on the grill) I had to imprivise and cook something that required me to turn my oven on. I went with an old favorite…

Cajun Meatloaf

However, today is a new day. The sun is shining and I have hopes that I can take off my slippers. Here are some recipes that I have tried and some that I haven’t. If you have any great burgers make sure to share.

Sorry they don’t all have lovely photos but some were just way too big and I couldn’t resize them so you’ll just have to click the link.

Spicy Chorizo Burgers



Honey Mustard Burger



Mexican Burger

mexican burgers1


Spinach & Mushroom Sliders




Hawaiian Turkey Burgers



I know you don’t want to feel left out not having a bun. I have actually made these a few times, but have never tried to eat them as a burger bun. They are pretty good, but I don’t think I would call them a “bun” I think “dinner roll” would be more appropriate.

Hamburger Buns


Good luck on making your burgers fancy!