It’s already week 4 of the Lurong Challenge and I have been hearing some great things. Small changes that you have made, new recipes you have tried, and how you have been pushed to try new movements or heavier weights in workouts that you didn’t think were possible. Its amazing, another moment in your journey.
This week, it’s the superbowl.

Oh Wait…do you know about our Super Bowl Wod? Its on Sunday…normal class time (9am)….and it’s a whole lot of FUN….and you’ll feel better about any foods that might end up in your belly that weren’t supposed to. Speaking of poor food choices…..
The Super Bowl means a new challenge awaits. But this doesn’t have to be all bad. Let’s think about this rationally. Sunday is the super bowl, chances are  you will be at a party where there’s food that is less than ideal for the optimal body composition & the athletic talent that you desire.  That’s Ok, it’s about what you do the majority of the time. So, if you know this is you, then make the rest of the weekend absolutely perfect and eat high quality foods that are inline with your goals.
Of course you can always bring along some healthier options.

File_000 (478x640)

Yep, wings. The ultimate football food. Like them a bit on the sweet side? Check out these Huli-Huli wings. Do you enjoy your wings spicy, we can do that to. Oh, but what about something delicious to dip them into….don’t worry we’ve got that covered…check out this creamy dill sauce using the mayo from week 1 blog or try this ranch (note, I have not actually tried the ranch yet, but the dill sauce with the huli-huli wings was excellent).
Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Seriously, if you haven’t made this yet???? I have mentioned it close to a million times, I made it at the holiday party and everyone loved it and it is the perfect super bowl dish.

File_000 (2) (478x640)
It’s so amazing that I have tried multiple times to make it even better with other flavors, but without much luck. I made this Pizza Casserole (good, but not as good as the buffalo chicken). Then I tried to make a “mexican”style casserole that was a fail. This past week however, I made a spinach & artichoke casserole. This was pretty good and I think will be comparable to the buffalo chicken as soon as I get the ratio down (more spinach & artichoke dip). I used the same basic recipe as the buffalo chicken, but without the hot sauce & mayo. Instead, I replace it with a batch of my favorite paleo spinach & artichoke dip. This is my go to dip when I need to bring something quick and easy to a party.
Plantain Chips & Guacamole

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I love picking at foods so any type of chip and dip is at the top of my list. Homemade plantain chips and Guac are a staple of mine. If you are looking for a crispier chip then you will want a green plantain, but the yellow (sweet) plantains also make good “chips” with a slightly different flavor,  but they don’t really get crunchy. If you are using a green plantain, you MUST, toss them in melted coconut oil. If you don’t use oil they come out funky.
Plantain Lasagna

File_000 (3) (478x640)

This isn’t exactly a super bowl food, but I couldn’t just eat snacks all week. I make a few adjustments that I find helpful. First, I don’t pan fry the plantains…mostly because I am lazy and that is just an extra unnecessary step. Second, my top layer is always a meat layer. I found that having the top layer be plantains caused the plantains to become dried out…maybe because I don’t fry them first.