Have a craving for something sweet? Yea, me too…everyday…all day. Plus its summer and I think its my job to eat copious amounts of ice cream. Luckily, I came across this AMAZING strawberry-banana ice cream that you can make at home in a jiffy and you don’t need an ice cream maker…..SAY WHAT!!!!!!

I found this recipe on NomNomPaleo, you should check her out…your taste buds will be happy.

This is so super simple & delicious. All you need is:

3 frozen ripe bananas
~1/2 frozen strawberries
~1/2 cup Full Fat Coconut Milk
~teaspoon vanilla extract

Here is what you do:

Chop up the Bananas & Strawberries, toss them into a food processor. Add in the coconut milk & vanilla, and blend.


If you eat it right away it’s similar to soft serve. If you freeze it, you need to let it soften a bit before consuming, it has more of an Italian ice texture.

I may or may not have added chocolate chips to mine.