Tomorrow starts our next training phase.  This phase will take us through the CrossFit Open which starts this week and runs for 5 weeks.  During these 5 weeks our training is going to be focused on making sure everyone can crush the Open workouts on Friday nights (or whenever you decide to do it if you can’t party with us on Friday, but you should really party)

Here is a simple breakdown of what you can expect over the next 5 weeks:

Monday and Tuesday: “Open” style training sessions, one long, one short and intense

Wednesday: Strength work and core conditioning

Thursday: Aerobic style interval training designed to make you all sweaty and tired but not beat down with included mobility work


Saturday: a team WOD or girl style workout (the workout may change based on what Dave Castro throws at us for the Open

Sunday: Aerobic/Muscular Endurance longer workout


The goal is to allow you to train any day and not be beat up coming into Friday.  I train 5 days/week, Monday-Friday, and take the weekends off.  I will be training Thursdays and doing the Open Friday nights so I don’t want anyone to think that they have to take Thursday off in order to do well.  You can take rest days anytime you want during the week and still be ready to go on Friday.  Thursdays session will be a good workout but it won’t have a huge negative impact on your body.  You should leave covered in sweat and feeling good.

Good Luck everyone and I’ll see you out there!