Trying something new can be intimidating and that can be especially true when it comes to starting CrossFit. When you first walk into a “box” (click the link to check out more CrossFit lingo) it can be overwhelming; there are no “cardio” machines, mirrors, or smoothie bars. Instead, there are pull-up rigs, ropes, and very large weights that appear to weight more than you ever plan on lifting. And if you happen to show up when a class is going on it may look like total chaos the music is blasting and the members  are grunting while simultaneously cheering for the person next to them, peeling off layers of clothes, while occasionally looking as though they are about to cry only to finish the workout with a smile on their face.

But here is the thing…..not everything is as it seems.

Typically, there will be some “cardio” machines; rowers, bikes, but mostly we are the machine; we can run, jump, skip, and crawl. Many of those gigantic weights are made of rubber requiring them to be much larger; what may look like a 45# plate at your globo gym may actually only weigh 10#. And as for the members who tossing around large amounts of weights, doing movements that you have never seen before, and hanging from the pull-up rig like gymnasts; they too were once in your shoes; nervous, scared,and intimidated.