Would you check out those numbers!!!!!


With all the hype around the CrossFit Open…it may have slipped your mind that we just completed the Lurong 5-week nutrition challenge, but now that the official results are in we can talk about how awesome we did. Toot Toot!!!!!

Before we congratulate our top 3, lets look at how we did as a whole.

In just five weeks:

  • We lost an average of 3 inches and a total for everyone was 35 inches 
  • We  lost on average 3 pounds with a total of 26 pounds

  • We came in 28th in the nation
  • 1st Place in Connecticut

Not only did we lost inches and pounds, but we gained a ton too. We gained the confidence to do more in the gym than we thought. We learned how to take a moment before tossing food in our mouth and decide if it is the right choice to fuel our bodies. We tested our willpower and fought urges that may have otherwise gone without notice.

A great little resource they used was a chart that gave a full breakdown of when everyone at their best and when we struggled. the majority of our “cheats” came in the evening. With the second highest at dinner. This is important to note because it shows us a trend and if we can break that down we might be able to make a significant change in our habits. Although, most of our cheats did come at night, overall, 69% of the time we were eating at the “Elite” Level (top level) with only 12% being “cheats”. I think that deserves a pat on the back.

Overall, we had great results, but there are always a few at the top who we want to celebrate!!!!!

In 1st place is Miriam with an impressive finish on Lurong Retest wod, completing an additional 49 reps. In second place, Moe. And in 3rd place Dana with an additional 33 reps in the retest.

Congratulations to everyone. Lets keep these new habits going!