“Today I will do what others won’t so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

This is one of my favorite quotes ever.  To me it describes the natural human drive that pushes us to be the best that we can be.

This quote came to me yesterday while I was out for a run.  I have a few events coming up in the spring and summer where I need to run so I try to run or hike at least once a week right now.  The only problem with yesterday was that it was 20 degrees out.

It was absolutely frigid.

My original plan was to sit in my basement and ride the bike for an hour instead of running because it was just too cold.  Then I decided “you know what?” There is no reason I can’t run outside.  People live and work in these temperatures all over the world.  Hell I spent 2 yeas of my life in Alaska.  20 degrees is nothing compared to that.  So I bundled up, put on my hat, gloves and face mask, and headed outside.  I didn’t care how far I got, I just wanted to be outside and enjoy the beautiful world we have.

Once I started running I realized how much fresher the air feels when it’s cold.  It feels so pure when compared to the hot sticky air of the summer humidity.  As I eased into my run I began to watch people as they drove towards and then past me.  They were all bundled up in their cars and most were staring at me like I was crazy.

It made me smile.

I smiled because I realized I was pushing myself to be better.  I was challenging my boundaries and seeing what I was capable of.To most of these people they had no concept of this. They probably couldn’t fathom why someone would be outside running when there was an easier way.  Thinking of this motivated me.  I thought to myself “screw easy!” I’m gonna crush this run.  I’m going to work hard and push the pace because I can.  Because you, sitting there in your car, won’t.

So…What did I learn on my run?

I learned that next week when I go out for my run I am going to run farther.  I got back home and I actually felt pretty good.  I had more in me. I am going to push my boundaries and see what I can do.  Then once I find the limit I will push even harder.