Here it is! The final committed Club of 2017!


What do I have to do to get into the Committed Club?

It’s easy! Just attend classes 12 times during the month or an average of 3 days/week and you’re in. 3 days/week is that sweet spot where you can really make some serious progress and not get burnt out. As you continue to develop as an athlete you will be able to handle more days and really accelerate your progress.


December 2017 Committed Club

Marc 26 Classes
Jessi Cat 24 Classes
Sue Cat 22 Classes
Dave V. 17 Classes
Kristin Cat 17 Classes
Dana Cat 17 Classes
Nic Cat 13 Classes
Joe A. 13 Classes
MG 13 Classes
Elaine 12 Classes
Kelly 12 Classes
Rob Cat 12 Classes

Congratulations everyone who has made the choice to prioritize their health and fitness. If you want to be a good parent, spouse or friend you have to be healthy. If you choose to let your health suffer in order to take care of others you may not be around when they need you the most. Just like on a plane put the mask on yourself first before putting it on others.

Runners Up with 11 classes.
Keep pushing and you all will be there next month!

Ben R.