While I was running the other day I was listening to a podcast, as I usually do, and it was about swimming.  It was relevant to me because I want to do a few triathlons this summer.

The host said he was not able to swim a single lap in the pool a few years ago.  He was 33 and couldn’t swim.  A friend challenged him to learn so over a year he trained and by the end was able to swim a mile in the ocean without stopping. The guest said something that I felt was appropriate while I was out there alone.  He said that only 2% of American adults can swim a mile in a pool without stopping and even less can do it in the open water.  The fact that the host could do that put him in “rarefied air”.  However it wasn’t that most Americans can’t learn to swim that far.  They just think they can’t so they don’t.  Or they tell themselves that they “have no desire to do that” as a way to cover up their inability to do it at the moment.

We need to be more like little children who see the world in a much different way than us adults.  They want to do everything.  They want to try everything.  They have this natural curiosity that pushes them to learn new skills and do new things.  That is part of the reason they develop so quickly.  While we are sitting on the couch they are exploring, moving, learning.  There is no reason this has so stop now that you are grown.

Life is this great big adventure.  We should all be pushing our boundaries to see what we are capable of.  Why can’t you swim a mile?  Why can’t you climb a mountain?  Why can’t you go running in the cold?  The answer is you can. You just need to believe you can and you need to work towards it.

Get out there and find out what your made of.