One of the Core Values of many CrossFit gyms (including us here at True) is to “CrossFit for Tomorrow, Not for Today”.

What does this mean?

Well to us it means that our goal is to ensure that our clients are constantly improving, getting better and moving up that continuum from sickness to fitness and wellness.

The goal is not to get everything right now at all costs. The goal is to make small improvements, safely each and every day, so that in the future you are making large strides as those small improvements add up. The goal should be to build a strong foundation.  A solid base that you can move on from, then progress up that pyramid.

We can look at something as simple as a back squat to illustrate this. If your goal is to get the maximum weight on the bar today you can do that.  You can probably set a personal record and move some serious weight.  But what if your knees are caving in? Or you are up on your toes?  What if your back is rounded?  What if you are nowhere near full depth? You might feel alright today but your knee might be pretty jacked up come tomorrow.  Or worse you could seriously injure yourself in that squat today and be out for weeks if not months.

What we would rather see is a perfected air squat before we begin adding weight to the movement. We can fix depth problems with mobility work and probably have you begin by sitting to a ball or box. Knee tracking issues can be fixed with band work or some tactile cueing from your coach.

Don’t think that by working on the “basics” you will not be getting a good workout. We can make the movement very difficult even at this level.  We can get those legs burning just by holding the perfect squat position for a few minutes.

Doing things correctly always, every single time, will make sure you develop the skills, strength and body awareness that is needed to continually progress forward. If you try to move on too quickly you will find you hit a plateau sooner than you would have.  Or worse you could get injured.

Make sure you keep this in mind while you are working out. Always leave just a little bit in the tank for tomorrow and make sure that everything you do is correct.  Always strive for perfect technique and be patient.

Remember…this is your life…play the long game.  Your goals should be to move beautifully not just maximally.