There are a lot of things that make CrossFit special, but I find that there are a few key elements to the workouts themselves that serve to produce the greatest results to our overall health.

  1. CrossFit is INCLUSIVE….there is no part of health and wellness that is off limits. In any given workout we might touch upon a strength movement, gymnastics skill, cardio, balance, and play new sports. We pull ideas from all fitness endeavors, from yoga to football. Beyond the workouts we also highlight the importance of nutrition, recovery, sleep, hydration, etc
  2. We bring the INTENSITY to our workouts. Intensity is relative, but if you want results you’ve got to push. Ask anyone who has been doing CrossFit for any length of time and they will tell you “CrossFit never gets easier” and that’s because as you progress you keep upping the intensity.
  3. CrossFit encompasses the idea of GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS (GPP). GPP is simply the intention that we are preparing ourselves for anything and everything. We want to be able to do all of the things; run 5K’s and beyond, complete triathlons, lift heavy, jump high, play on the monkey bars, and do handstands.


With these founding idea, CrossFit has exploded into the best way to get in shape.


We just finished up a really great strength cycle in our programming where many of our workout specifically built off a previous workout. There was a large emphasis on increasing our overall strength on some of the major lifts (back squat, deadlift, strict press, bench press, chin-up) and boy o’ boy was that a huge success…..just check out our PR Board!

Now that we have built that great strength….it’s time to use it! Referring back to those key concepts that make CrossFit…well….CrossFit…. our programming is going to take on a broader approach. Unlike the strength cycle where our goal was to build more strength, the goal now is to build competency in all the aspects of fitness. It is to prepare us to handle whatever ever life throws at us.


Get ready to be exposed to lots of different movements, different time frames, different weights, and skills. It’s gonna be a whole lot of FUN!


P.S. I’ve added in a little section to the workouts “strategy”. My hope is that this will help get your mind set for the workout prior to coming in and understand the intention of the workout a bit better (i.e. going hard and fast, slow and steady, heavy, etc.) Let me know what you think and how we can improve upon it.