What made you choose True Athletics?
A friend of mine signed up and convinced me
to try it!

How long have you been Training with us?
A little over a year and a half.
What has been your proudest moment in the last 90 days?
My deadlift PR! (And even though
it’s more than 90 days) doing my first open, completing MURPH and running my first 5k!!!
What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?
Litigation Paralegal

How is your nutrition?
Definitely room for improvement, but life is too short to NOT
indulge a little. Do you eat a certain way?
Mostly clean Monday through Friday, but the
weekends are hard to stay on track. If so when did you make the switch? I really started
to pay more attention to what I ate and the amount of calories I consumed when I started
at True.

What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?
Planks/deadlifts/situps and any of the
gymnastics movements, oh and split jerks!
What is your favorite workout song?
Girl Talk, 80 rap, any of the mashup stations

What’s you favorite type of workout? (AMRAP, Chipper, ladder, rounds for time)
Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?
I’m a little more toned, gained some muscle, have more energy, sleep better, less
What are your current goals?

To be able to get through a workout without modifying
so much.
How has your overall goal changed since you started?
One of my main reasons for joining was
to just feel better overall, tone up (things start to sag after 40) and hopefully help with being
able to sleep better. I’m now motivated to keep pushing myself to level up in everything I do.
What’s been the biggest surprise since you joined?
How much I truly enjoy exercising. I literally
plan my week around when I can get to the gym. I did at home workouts for so long but wasn’t
consistent or motivated. True is the first gym I’ve ever joined (with the exception of the
occasional yoga and Zumba class)!
What is your favorite color?

What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at True Athletics?
More than 5 regular pushups in a row without having to stop, run without having to take a
million breaks, T2B and a kipping pullup…there’s a lot!
Say something else, anything!
I was always SO intimated by the gym, especially
Crossfit. One of the best decisions I made was just walking in the door and just trying it,
no matter uncomfortable I was! I love that me exercising and being mindful of what I’m
eating automatically makes my kids more health conscious. I love that Dan and I have
something that we do together (even if it is only a few hours a week) and most of all I
love that because of the atmosphere at True, I always look forward to the next workout.
There’s nothing quite like the high after an intense workout, especially on days when you
may not feel like going but push yourself to go. I can’t say enough great things about the
coaching, Moe, Sara and Ryan are just plain awesome people, so knowledgeable, down
to earth and genuinely care about helping us reach our fitness goals. Between the
coaches and all of the incredibly supportive people at True, my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.