We’ve got our next nutrition challenge lined up and it couldn’t be simpler….eat more veggies. That’s it. No restrictions for not being able to eat a food (or food category), no limit to how much to eat, all we want is for you to eat more veggies!


Why the emphasis on more veggies (fruit too)?


They are jammed packed with vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Try and think of a healthy diet in which veggies don’t play a huge role…(I can only think of 1 diet…and its extreme).


The goal is for you to eat 800 grams of veggies & fruits daily. Why 800? Research has found that 800 grams is associated with improved health. We are talking about…reducing your risk for coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke…you get the idea.


We wanted to make this challenge as simple as possible, so…..there is no barrier to entry…it’s FREE! Although we believe you would benefit greatly from actually weighing your veggies, its not required, but you can buy a scale super cheap. If you don’t have one you can still participate by measuring your fruit and veggies the old fashion way (with a measuring cup). We will track our consistency and accountability through a share google spreadsheet. (Coming later this week)


It’s that simple.


Over the next few days we will have more on what to do, what 800 grams of veggies looks like and other ways to track if you can’t weigh them.