So, your starting to think about the EAT YOUR VEGGIES CHALLENGE and you want to know more. Here are the basics on what counts towards your daily goal of 800 grams.


There are NO restriction on what foods you can eat, BUT only veggies & fruits will count toward your 800 grams.


They can be fresh, frozen, canned or cooked.


Corn, Beans, Peas and Olives are fair game as long as they are in their natural state…ie popcorn is a no go, but corn on the cob is good.


A few things that don’t count


Fried foods (french fries, potato chips), but if you cut them up and bake them they are fair game.


Dried fruits & fruit juice


Processed/Packaged foods ie apples in an apple pie


Peels/Core such as the peel of an orange or core of the apple, only the parts that you will eat count


Be honest with yourself. If you are questioning if it qualifies…chances are you already know the answer and it wouldn’t count. You can cheat any diet, find any loophole, but the only one who will be affected is you. Have integrity. Eat your veggies, Reap the benefits.


More info coming soon