Your on board, you are ready to crush this challenge, you are looking at all the veggies with the heart eyes emoji….but

800 grams?…how much is that…what does that look like???? We’ve got you covered with a little photo gallery. 


Here are some photos that represent 1 Cup of veggies…(all frozen except the onions)



Butternut squash


Mixed peppers



If you are using frozen or canned veggies, it can be even easier as each bag is labeled

This is what I used in my breakfast for the week. Each bag is 454 grams (x2 = 908 grams) I split that over the course of 7 days giving me just under 130 grams each morning.

Many times people will say that ate a “medium or handful” X, Y, or Z, but what does “medium/handful” mean? Below are some examples


The first are 2 different sweet potatoes with a big difference in weight.

This big guy weighed in at 375 grams while

This little one was just 208 grams…that is a big variation for the same food.

The smaller one, when chopped up was a bit over 1 cup

Next is a “medium” sized apple. Remember you want to subtract the parts you don’t eat (i.e. the core)

When weighed with the core

And with out the core….that 34 grams your not actually eating.


These are some guidelines you can use if you don’t have a way to measure your foods. Veggies that are a bit more dense Sweet Potatoes, Squash, etc are going to be heavier. Leafy greens are going to weigh next to nothing but they should still be apart of your intake.


There will be some more information hanging at the gym and stay tuned for our next blog/email with some helpful recipes.