Day 1 of the Eat Your Veggies Challenge!


I’ve put together a few veggie packed recipes to help get you started along with how to calculate the weight of a recipe


Pumpkin Chili (perfect for the upcoming cold weather)


*this recipe was adapted from Well Plated there is an option for all cooking styles; instant pot, crockpot, stove top. I of course made some adjustments


Here is what I used with weights:


2 Onion =354 grams

Lean Ground Turkey (93%-7%) X 2 = total 589 grams

1 Lg Sweet Potato =514 Grams

3 Bell Peppers = 355 grams

1 bad riced cauliflower =340 grams

1 Can Organic Pumpkin Puree = 425 grams (this is only pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling)

1 Can Chicken Broth =411 Grams

2 can Diced Tomatoes w/Green Chilies = 566 Grams

Spinach = 200 grams

Plus spices to taste


Pork Fried “Rice”

*This recipe was adapted from Paleo Grubs but again….I made my own “improvements”


Here is what I used with weights:


1 Onion = 172 grams

Fresh Ginger root = 24 grams

1 Bag Cauliflower Rice= 340 grams

Lean Ground Pork (90%-10%)= 453 grams

5 Eggs = 300 grams


With each serving I roast up Broccoli (200 grams) to finish it off.


You might be thinking how do you calculate your veggies for a dish such as these that everything is combined?


Well, you need to do a bit of prep ahead of time. As I was making these dishes I wrote down how many grams of each I added.


Then I separated the veggies from other things.


In total before cooking the entire dish weighted 3754 grams (I calculated that just by adding each together). The veggies accounted for 2188 grams and the rest 1566 was the meat/canned diced tomato/chicken broth)


The last step is to figure out how many servings you would make out the this dish in total. For me it is almost 9 full servings


Take the weight of the veggies (2188g) and divide by 9 servings and you have 243 grams of veggies in each serving.


This might seem like a lot of work but once you have done it a time or two it is pretty simple.


The Pork Fried “Rice” was even simpler because it has less ingredients.

Total weight before cooking 1825g

Minus the meat/eggs = 1072

Weight of veggies only = 1072

Divide by the number of serving 7

Total veggies per serving =153


Then when you add in some extra roasted broccoli (another 200 grams) you end up with a powerhouse 353 grams of veggies.


Here are a few other veggie filled recipes. I didn’t calculate out the weight for these, but there are still a ton of veggies


Sweet Potato Cranberry Bake


Chow Mein with Zucchini noodles


Spaghetti Squash Pizza Casserole


Buffalo Chicken Casserole


BBQ Casserole