What made you choose CrossFit True?
-I was bored with the same old exercise routine and treadmill.
How long have you been training with us?
-Around 2 years.
What has been your proudest moment in the past 90 days?
-Probably adding more weight to split jerk and learned how to drop the bar finally.
When your not at the gym, what do you do for work? What do you do for fun?
-I am the Executive Assistant for a local labor union in New Haven. I actually bowl on a league during the fall/winter season.
How is your nutrition? How has it changed since joining CrossFit True?
-My nutrition has improved but could be better. I eat healthy during the week but I definitely indulge too much still on the weekends.
What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?
-kettlebell swings, hang power cleans, front or back squats
What is your favorite style workout? (AMRAP, EMOM, Rounds for Time, etc)

Any favorite workout songs?
-It’s strange but I kind of tune out the music once I start counting reps.
Have you changed physically or mentally since you’ve been working out with us?
-Yes, I feel stronger and am in much better shape than before.
What are your current goals?
-I would like to lose some weight, work on my flexibility, and upper body strength.
How have your goals changed since you joined?
-Yes, I am
What has been the biggest surprise since joining CF True?
-I actually look forward to working out knowing that the classes will challenge me
What can you do now that you couldn’t do before joining?
-Lift weights