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Athlete Spotlight: Raysa

What made you choose True Athletics?
While I was in college, I used to go to a franchise gym, it became routine and boring so I
researched gyms near me! I saw the name Crossfit True, clicked on the link and the Crossfit True
web provided me with tons of info. I called Moe, I meet her, learned more about Crossfit, the
gym and I did a skills assessment. The skills assessment was a great sign that I picked the right
How long have you been Training with us?
I think fall 2017.
What has been your proudest moment in the last 90 days?
I did 2 PU, 9 UB Toes to Bar.
What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?
I work as a bilingual outpatient clinician for children, adolescents, and Adults at a clinic
in New Haven.
How is your nutrition? Do you eat a certain way? If so when did you make the
My nutrition is great! I eat what I want when I want, lol my madre has genetically blessed
me with an amazing metabolism.
What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?
Back squats, 400m runs, Box Jumps
How about a favorite WOD?
What is your favorite workout song?
I Like It – Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J. Balvin

What’s you favorite type of workout? (AMRAP, Chipper, ladder, rounds for time)

Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?
Mentally, my confidence has increased and I believe I can push myself past my fears or
limits I may think there are. Physically, I got thicker and feeling like snack #OKURR!!
What are your current goals?
My current goals are to gain muscle and upper body strength.
How has your overall goal changed since you started?
When I started my goal was to attend a few times to the gym and gain upper body
strength. Now I attend more than a few days, and I’m still working on gaining upper body
What’s been the biggest surprise since you joined?
How fast I see results when I stay consistently committed to working out. My body feels
physically and mentally better. Plus, all of the new knowledge and P.Rs
What is your favorite color?
What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at True Athletics?
I can do HSP, PU, T2B
Say something else, anything!
I’m happy that I became part of the True Athletics familia. Im grateful about the cultural
humility and respect from the coaches and members. Having other members and coaches
look out for you, push you, and help you out in your physical, personal and professional
journey has been more than I could ask for from a place that people go to work on their
physical goals. Also, muchas gracias for letting me play, my Latin music =)

Athlete Spotlight: Nyrva

  • What made you choose True Athletics?

          When I moved to Hamden, I knew nothing about the area. I looked the company up on Google and read many of the reviews. The company stood out the most to me. In addition, I don’t like            when a so crowded. I find true atheletics fits best for me.


  • How long have you been Training with us?

1 year

  • What has been your proudest moment in the last 90 days?

Being able to talk to everyone, and not being afraid to add more weight.

  • What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?

I like to read and spending time with family.

  • How is your nutrition?  Do you eat a certain way?  If so when did you make the switch?

I believe my nutrition could use a lot of work. I’m still struggling in that department. Two weeks ago I started transitioning into making more healthy choices. It is not easy, but I will get there eventually. It will be rewarding when I do.

  • What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?

Squats, deadlifts, box jumps

  • How about a favorite WOD?

A jog at a brisk pace, followed by jumping jacks, and stretches

  • What is your favorite workout song?

Hip-hop music

  • What’s you favorite type of workout? (AMRAP, Chipper, ladder, rounds for time)

rounds for time

  • Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?


  • What are your current goals?

To develop more muscle.

  • How has your overall goal changed since you started?

My overall goal has changed, greatly. I am extremely appreciative of the work I have been able to do.  

  • What’s been the biggest surprise since you joined?

I built more muscle in my thighs. They are thicker.


  • What is your favorite color ?


  • What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at True Athletics?

I am more flexible since starting and am able to control my breathing when running.

  • Say something else, anything!

oTo be honest, when I joined true Athletics I was very nervous. I am very quite but the work out team talked to me and made me feel welcome. I do not feel as shy anymore. Now I know every one’s name. Sometimes when I have bad days Monique will listen to me. That really means a lot to me. Overall, I’m more comfortable with my body, I wear shorts now to go to the gym. I have build more body strength too! I feel like I not only belong to the gym, I feel like part of the family. Thank you for having me here. I have many more years to go!



GPP: General Physical Preparedness

There are a lot of things that make CrossFit special, but I find that there are a few key elements to the workouts themselves that serve to produce the greatest results to our overall health.

  1. CrossFit is INCLUSIVE….there is no part of health and wellness that is off limits. In any given workout we might touch upon a strength movement, gymnastics skill, cardio, balance, and play new sports. We pull ideas from all fitness endeavors, from yoga to football. Beyond the workouts we also highlight the importance of nutrition, recovery, sleep, hydration, etc
  2. We bring the INTENSITY to our workouts. Intensity is relative, but if you want results you’ve got to push. Ask anyone who has been doing CrossFit for any length of time and they will tell you “CrossFit never gets easier” and that’s because as you progress you keep upping the intensity.
  3. CrossFit encompasses the idea of GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS (GPP). GPP is simply the intention that we are preparing ourselves for anything and everything. We want to be able to do all of the things; run 5K’s and beyond, complete triathlons, lift heavy, jump high, play on the monkey bars, and do handstands.


With these founding idea, CrossFit has exploded into the best way to get in shape.


We just finished up a really great strength cycle in our programming where many of our workout specifically built off a previous workout. There was a large emphasis on increasing our overall strength on some of the major lifts (back squat, deadlift, strict press, bench press, chin-up) and boy o’ boy was that a huge success…..just check out our PR Board!

Now that we have built that great strength….it’s time to use it! Referring back to those key concepts that make CrossFit…well….CrossFit…. our programming is going to take on a broader approach. Unlike the strength cycle where our goal was to build more strength, the goal now is to build competency in all the aspects of fitness. It is to prepare us to handle whatever ever life throws at us.


Get ready to be exposed to lots of different movements, different time frames, different weights, and skills. It’s gonna be a whole lot of FUN!


P.S. I’ve added in a little section to the workouts “strategy”. My hope is that this will help get your mind set for the workout prior to coming in and understand the intention of the workout a bit better (i.e. going hard and fast, slow and steady, heavy, etc.) Let me know what you think and how we can improve upon it.

Athlete Spotlight: Karthik

What made you choose True Athletics?  
I wanted to lose weight fast and some of my friends suggested me to Crossfit, but after joining crossfit i realised losing weight gradually along with gaining strength is the right way to do it. Thanks to my friends, i made the right decision.

How long have you been Training with us?  

Close to 9 months, but i feel like years, because of the people in the Gym, very friendly.

What has been your proudest moment in the last 90 days?

There are many. Finishing Open, 225# deadlift, 190# back squat..more to come in future.

What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?

I am Statistical Programmer, working for Iterum Therapeutics, start-up Biotech company,

hence lot of stress at work and Crossfit is the best way for me to get stress relief.

How is your nutrition?  Do you eat a certain way?  If so when did you make the switch?  

Started eating better after joining Crossfit. I eat healthy Mon to Fri but weekends and friends lol… spoil everything. I have to do better at this.

Do you have a favorite exercise movement (gymnastics move, lift, etc)?

Anything related to squats, OHS, BS, Squat Cleans….

How about a favorite WOD?

AMRAP….that way i can challenge myself to do the best.

What is your favorite workout song?

Any song, nothing in particular, but love Survivor-eye of the tiger.

Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?
Physically i lost weight, much better in shape than before.

What are your current goals?

Pull ups.

How has your overall goal changed since you started?

From being consistent to gym, to building strength.

What’s been the biggest surprise since you joined?

Being Consistent to gym and feeling less stress..

What is your favorite color? 

Purple and black.

What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at True Athletics? 

Push ups.

Say something else, anything!

Crossfit True is truly amazing place. Great coaches and wonderful people, they won’t quit and won’t let you quit.


With summer upon us and the temperature rising, we are reminded that staying properly hydrated is essential to our lives. Here is how water helps us operate at our best

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Lubricates and cushions joints, spinal cord,and tissues (less pain)
  • Aids kidneys in excreting waste (toxins)
  • Hydration levels can affect strength, power, & endurance (stronger & faster…yes, please)
  • Helps break down food which helps in nutrient absorption (recover better)


How do you know when you are properly hydrated?


Like many things surrounding health and fitness, there is no clear cut answer to recognizing how well you are hydrated. However, we have some general rules that can help keep us well within our ideal hydration range. Many of these idea you have heard before, but it’s important to understand that outside factors can affect their meaning and outcome.


  • Drink when you are thirsty
    • Yes, drinking when you feel thirsty can keep you hydrated, but many of us our out of touch of what thrist feels like. We often don’t recognize it until we are extremely thirsty.
    • We won’t “feel thirsty” because we are drinking other liquids. If you are at the bar having a few beers and cocktails you might not notice that you are becoming dehydrated. The same goes for drinking fruit juice,iced teas, coffee, etc.
  • Your urine should be clear
    • Clear urine is not normal and it could be a possible sign that you are overhydrated (which is just as dangerous as being dehydrated)
    • You also don’t want it to be too dark
    • Foods (beets) and vitamins can also change the color


The flip side: Drinking too much water


It is possible to be drinking too much water causing your body to have many of the same side effects as dehydration; headaches, cramping, nausea, confusion. (sidenote: those with kidney or liver disease are more likely affected)


If you are working out, the sweat the leaves you body to help regulate your temperature will take with it sodium (electrolytes) this needs to be replaced in order to maintain the proper fluid balance and keep you within your hydration range.


  • Sports drinks can help, but might not be the best answer. There is very limited amount of electrolytes in them compared to the amount of overall liquid.
  • A better choice would be to eat foods with potassium, sodium, & calcium (all electrolytes)
    • High potassium foods
      • Bananas, dates, raisins, potatoes, spinach
    • Good foods with sodium
      • Canned tuna, beans, pickles, olives
    • Calcium rich foods
      • Kale, swiss chard, arugula


What to do to stay hydrated and healthy


  • Start your day with a glass of water
  • Drink water throughout the day
    • A glass before each meal
    • Set goals for different parts of the day. (make it work for your schedule)


10am = 30oz

Noon = 45oz

3pm = 60oz

6pm = 75oz

Bedtime = 90oz


  • Eat water rich foods: cucumbers, watermelon, lettuce, spinach, etc
  • Track your intake to ensure you are getting enough

Athlete Spotlight: Sandy

Sandy was actually our athlete spotlight in April, but I completely fudged getting her wod in, my apologies.

What made you choose True Athletics?
I wanted to try a fitness program that involved weight training and wasn’t always the
same workout. After the first week I was hooked!
How long have you been Training with us?
Roughly 2.5 yrs
What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?
I’m the CFO/Director of Finance for a Homecare/DDS Company. I breakdown numbers
all day to analyze/manage the company’s finances, hence the reason my workout
notebook has records that look like “35 lbs each side, blue bar”. Breaking it down!
How is your nutrition? Do you eat a certain way? If so when did you make the
I could definitely do better in this area.
For now, I just try to be mindful of the
portions I eat.
Do you have a favorite exercise movement (gymnastics move, lift, etc)?
Push press and anything that works the abs.
How about a favorite WOD?
I like EMOMs, that way I can convince myself I can do anything for a minute
What is your favorite workout song?
Don’t have one
Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?
Absolutely! I am so much stronger and have more endurance.
What are your current goals?
Eventually, someday, doing a pull up
What is your favorite color?
What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at True Athletics?
Anything that required upper body strength. I even did a ring peg obstacle this past
weekend at a kid birthday party, woohoo!
Say something else, anything!
I really like the atmosphere that is at True and how everyone is very encouraging to each other.


CrossFit gives us the freedom to move better, it gives us the capability to run, jump, swim, bike, and PLAY. If you ask the average American to run a 5K road race with you, they would be hesitant, they would say they can’t do that. Maybe after a bit of coercing you’ll get them to agree, but they need a running plan to get them there.


But if you ask a CrossFitter to do a 5k, they are more likely to reply with “okay..sure when”. Because they know they have the capability to do it. It might not be the fastest 5K and they might not love running, but they are confident they can finish.


When new members come to CrossFit True, we take a personalized approach. We want to get to know them, to know their goals, their motivation, and their limitations to better help them on their road to a healthier life. Often when we ask about their goals we get the same responses…drop a few pounds, gain strength, have visible muscle, to just be healthier, to not be out of breath.


After some soul searching, what it really boils down to for many is that they want to be able to do activities (bike, hike, kayak, swim, rock climb, trampoline park, pickup basketball, etc) . If their friends are going to do something they want to be able to say YES without hesitation. When their kids need a chaperone on the next hiking trip, they want to be able to say YES, I would love to go.


And that is the freedom we get from CrossFit; to be capable of using our bodies in a variety of ways at the drop of a hat.  

The Tipping Point

Are you familiar with the idea, The Tipping Point? Maybe you have read the book by Malcolm Gladwell?  Basically, it’s this:


“When an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.”


This idea can be related to most everything that is wildly popular whether good or bad. For instance, Podcasts began with the few early adopters, they recorded themselves talking about their passion and placed it on their website to get recognition.


But then all of the sudden……..everyone has a podcast. Any topic you want to know about, there is a podcast for it.


Your fitness has a “tipping point” as well. There is a moment when you are launched into another level. What use to be exhausting, is now your warmup. The dietary habits you were struggling to introduce into your life are now second nature. The movement/skill you spent months/years trying to obtain is now part of your regular routine.


One of my greatest “tipping points” was overcoming my struggle with the push-up. For years (just like the first 30 or so) I was the queen of doing the “worm” push up. You know the one…it’s where you push your chest up, but your thighs stay on the floor, then you lift the thighs only to flop them back to the floor and roll your stomach back to the floor.


I thought I was doing “real” push-ups, my arms felt like they were doing a lot of work, but then I got a coach, who informed me that indeed my push-ups needed some work. For a while I would go back and forth, one day trying really hard to perfect the push up and other days completely ignoring my coach and flopping around.


Finally, I decided it was time to get my push-ups under control, to learn how to properly excute a push-up. I will be honest at first I wasn’t as concerned with doing a better pushup or more of them. Nope, my goal was completely superficial, I wanted sweet arm muscles.


But whatever my reasons were, it got me started. I began working on body position, keeping a straight line from head to toe, this required maintaining tension throughout my body. I set up a barbell in the rack (incline push-up) and I did 5 sets of 15. Once I was able to complete all of them with good form, I moved the barbell down a notch.


And then I hit The Tipping Point. I no longer did the worm, I didn’t even think about doing it. The worm was no longer an alternative. My push-ups kept getting better I was able to do 5 in a row, then 10, then entire workouts (and bonus….I started to see those arm muscles pop out)!


What tipping points have you experienced in your health? Leave a comment below


The Difference: Beyond the CF Open

We’ve just completed the 2018 CrossFit Open…what a wild 5-weeks it has been.


First off…..CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. Everyone pushed themselves to be that little bit better, to get that extra rep, and to be held accountable for the standards. The energy and excitement in the gym was unmatchable. And the extraordinary camaraderie was a thing of beauty.


But now what?!?


Well, this is where you take advantage of what makes CrossFit True unique, the coaching.


As you may have realized, the Open has a way of highlighting weaknesses. Most of us come out of the Open with a laundry list of things we want to improve upon; Olympic lifting, overall strength, gymnastic skill, aerobic capacity, etc. But what do you do with all those new goals?


You talk with a coach. You pick our brains. And we come up with an actionable plan.


This maybe scheduling a 1-on-1 skill session with a coach to pinpoint what changes would create the best results for you. Our 1-on-1 skill sessions have produced amazing results getting our athletes better rowing technique (which leads to less energy expenditure with faster times), working on proficiency in gymnastic skills for better pull-ups, muscle-ups, & handstands, and achieving better movement patterns in the Olympic lifts to produce greater power.


Your plan maybe as simple as including short 5-10 minute skill, strength, and mobility work before or after class. This will give you a bit more exposure to the movements you want to improve without taking away from your normal work in class.


Perhaps your plan isn’t so much about what you are doing inside the gym, but what is taking place outside the gym. Nutrition is key to performance. Fueling your body properly will give you the energy you need to execute the workouts. The foods you eat have a direct correlation to your body composition whether you are trying to gain strength, lose fat, or just look good for summer. Our 1-on-1 nutrition coaching can help you learn how to fuel your body, be held accountable, and gain results. 


So, what do you want to improve upon? Comment below and let us know!


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