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CrossFit Open: 2018 Edition

The CrossFit Open is a yearly test that allows anyone and everyone to assess their fitness; where they stand, how far they have come, and what strengths or weaknesses they possess.

Each year, amazing things occur during the CF Open:

  • You’ll push yourself harder than ever before
  • You’ll try something new
  • You’ll achieve what you thought was impossible
  • You’ll grow closer to everyone at Team True and the CrossFit Community

What is the CrossFit Open?

  • 5 workouts released by CF HQ over the course of 5-weeks (1 workout per week)
    • Each workout will have an RX & Scaled division as well as age divisions (teens & masters)
  • The workouts are released on Thursday nights
    • Here at CF True we will put them into our class schedule on Fridays
    • You have until Monday night to get the workout complete, so if you miss it on Friday you still have time to get it done
  • Worldwide leader board
    • Keeps track of your scores, see improvements in yourself year to year, and how you stack up against the world (seriously there are 350 thousand plus people who register each year)

Is the CrossFit Open right for you?

  • The CF Open is designed for EVERYONE! (if 350,000 people register, you can bet you can be one of them)

How do you register?


Counting Macros: Food Prep

Here is a little guide to help you understand how to calculate your macros when doing food prep. In this example I am using what I would eat for breakfast and how I prepared 7 days worth.  For more information tune into our Facebook Live Nutrition Talk Friday @ Noon. https://www.facebook.com/events/1912965782049075/


Raw vs Cooked: Weighing your food


To be most accurate you’ll need to weigh your food, but doing this when raw vs cooked will yield different results.


Example: The Turkey Sausage raw weighted 514 grams but cooked it was only 365 grams. Although after it is done cooking it weighs less, you still need to account for all the nutrients in the raw amount. (Spoiler: you are not cooking away the calories…sorry).


I start by cooking the egg whites first. I don’t need to measure these because they come measured in the container (454 grams/each) and I use 2-whole containers. Once it is done cooking, I will re-weigh the cooked egg whites.


In this case they weighed 778 grams cooked.


Taking that weight 778 grams I divide that by 7. Each portion of egg whites would be ~111 grams. Don’t worry if you are off by a gram or two. 

Single Serving

~111 grams goes into each one of my containers, but remember when putting it into you app, you’ll want to put in the raw amount. In this case the raw egg whites weight 908 grams. Divide that by 7 and you’ll have ~129 grams in your macro counting app.


*This might seem like a lot of work, but once you get into the flow, it’s not that bad. For example, because I eat prepare my eggs the same way each week, I don’t need to measure them once cooked. I know that each serving is going to be approximately 111 grams. If it is off a gram or two it’s not going to throw off your entire day.


Moving on, the same thing happens with the turkey sausage and rutabaga.


Weight them raw and reweight them cooked.


With the cooked weight I will divide by 7 since I want to have 7 breakfast prepared for the week.

Single Serving

*If your not being super strict, you could eyeball the portion size, doing your best to split it up into equal serving. This would eliminate the need to reweigh the food after it was cooked.


Entering you information into your macro app


There are a bunch of different apps that you can get to keep track of your macros. I use My Fitness Pal. It’s probably the most popular, it’s fairly easy to use, and they offer a free version.

There are a few things to remember when entering your foods.


#1 check for accuracy. In the search bar if you put in chicken breast you’ll get a thousand different results, some will be more accurate than others. Most will be similar, choose one that is similar with the others if you are unsure. Do Not choose the one that says it only has 2 calories…..your still consuming the calories even if your app tells you otherwise.


#2 Enter your raw amounts as often as possible.


#3 If you ate it enter it. Think of this as a science experiment. If you want accurate results you’ll want to enter everything….even the bad stuff. This will help you tremendously when you look back and make adjustments. You need accurate information otherwise you are making random adjustments and seeing change in health or body composition will take longer. 


This is what it looks like for my breakfast. The Ghee is what I used to cooked the eggs, that counts too. I simply divided what I used by 7. The rest of the foods I did not use anything to “grease” the pan. The turkey sausage greases the pan enough by itself and the rutabaga I saute with water to cut down of my overall fat intake (that way I can eat more avocados later!)

Final note, if you are still new to counting your macros, know that there is a learning curve. It takes some patients and practice. The more you do it the easier it becomes. There will be days you forget to enter or it is way off. You’ll cook an entire casserole and forget to measure anything (I have done this plenty of times). Don’t give up, use any mistakes a  learning experience. Just as when learning to do a deadlift, there is a process. It’s not either deadlift 500lbs or nothing…there is a whole bunch of in between. 


Want more info on the basics of nutrition and counting macros? Tune in for our FREE Facebook live nutrition talk on Friday @ noon. If you can’t make it, don’t worry it stays up on Facebook so you can watch it later. If you don’t have Facebook, that is ok too you can still watch it!.



There is NO Magic

During yesterday’s workout I was delighted to witness one of our athletes begin to link their toes-to-bar together (actually this happened in multiple classes, what an awesome day). Anywho, this particular athlete had mentioned that they linked a few the previous week. As this is still new…one round they would lose their rhythm, then they would get it back…its still a learning process.


The interesting thing was that after one round they hopped off as I was excitedly cheering that they linked a bunch together and they said


“yea, its like magic….things have been coming together lately”


I just shook my head and gave them a crazy look and let them know that…..this is NOT magic……this is hardwork….this is you being constant with getting to the gym….staying after class and working on skills….this “magic” is what you get when you put in constant effort.


It’s strange the way we don’t give ourselves credit. These accomplishments we attain are not magic. We make them happen. It’s our efforts and commitment that make theses outcomes possible, magic has nothing to do with it.


If you are looking to improve, to be more consistent, and to see what you are capable of get on board with one of (or both) our challenges in January. Both of them will set you up with others who will help you be accountable and help you stay consistent.


Lurong Nutrition Challenge

5-week nutrition and lifestyle challenge. Multiple diet levels to choose. Weekly workouts. Lifestyle habits such as sleep & drinking plenty of water.


It starts on Jan 15th.


If you register now you’ll get a FREE bag of protein ($50 value)




6-Week Fat Loss Boot Camp

If you want to get sweaty, get your heart pumping, and burn tons of calories, this is for you. This is our second Fat Loss boot camp; our last one was so much fun we had to do it again. Fire up your metabolism, feel accomplished and ready to tackle the day.


When: Sunday mornings at 8am starting Jan 7th

What: 1-hour class that will have you moving and sweating the entire time. Mostly body weight with some kettlebell, dumbbell, and battle ropes. Simple, effective movements.

Who: open to everyone…tell your friends

Cost $55




Grab a friend to join you.

When you have a friend (non-CF True member) register, you get to join them for FREE!


Don’t wait space is limited for our 6-week fat loss boot camp

Email monique@true-athletics.com

Little Eyes are Watching

The Elf on the Shelf has been watching over your children all month long, but have you ever thought about your little elves watching you all year long? It’s true, all those little eyes are looking up to you, mimicking your actions, to grow up and become outstanding humans.


What are you doing to set the best example?


When we make time for ourselves, take care of ourselves, we are better able to take care of and love those around us. I can’t tell you the number of times our members have said that coming to CrossFit True makes them a better parent, spouse, & friend.


Of course, it’s easier said than done.


There is never enough time to take care of yourself when you have a family to take care of as well.


But what if you change your thinking?


When you are trying to get in a workout, let it be less about all the benefits you’ll get and more about everything you’ll be able to give your family. When you gain confidence, a direct benefit from training at CF True, you are more positive, happier and that spills over to your family.


Taking a mental break from all that you have to do, getting to the gym, just 1 hour where you don’t have to think, you don’t have to answer questions….. we tell you and teach you what to do. This can transform you from the verge of a breakdown to a relaxed and skilled parent.

You can dig a bit deeper too. Remember that those little eyes are always watching. When they see you working out and know its an important part of your life, it will make an impact. They will see you as strong and capable, a superhero. And they want to be just like you. Show them through your actions how to live a healthy lifestyle.

40 vs. 325

You’ve heard the saying:


“It’s not what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Years, it’s what you eat between
New Years and Thanksgiving that makes the difference”


There are approximately 40 days from Thanksgiving to New Years, just a little over a month. 40 days is really not that many in the big picture of the year or your life. Most of us will indulge, maybe a bit too much. We will be more tempted by the sweets, holiday parties, drinks with friends, and grab-n-go foods as we rush around doing our holiday shopping.


But there are 325 other days of the year so, don’t beat yourself up too much.


The trick is not allowing those 40 days to turn into 60, 120, or 365 days.


There is an unfortunate consequence to eating unhealthy in those 40 days that is larger than just gaining a few pounds, its…..


losing sight of your goals.


The “snowball effect” can have a huge positive or negative effect on your health depending on which way you roll it. On the positive when you are working out, you start thinking more about what you are eating, you become aware of how much water you are drinking, and how much recovery time you are getting. Each action builds upon the others


But the opposite can also happen.


You have a holiday cookie…then two…..plus you go out for happy hour….you skip a workout…then you feel tired. You think you have lost all the gains you made over the year. But I can assure you this is simply not true.


You maybe busier, you may not be on top of your healthy living game, but choose to make as many good choices as possible. Don’t dwell on the cookie or happy hour. Show gratitude toward yourself for all the positives you did throughout the day…ate a good breakfast, drank plenty of water, went for a 10 minute walk…..there are so many positives throughout your day…you just need to recognize them.


The New year will be here before you know it and you’ll want to have a game plan to get your “snowball” rolling in the positive direction. We have two programs lined up that can help you jump start your healthiest year yet.


Our 6-week Fat Loss Program
This is a 6-week class starting January 7th. We will be meeting once a week on Sunday mornings at 8am. Our hour long class will have you sweating and burning hundreds of calories. Plan on burning fat and building lean muscle from start to finish you’ll be moving. Unlike our CrossFit classes these classes will be mostly body weight movements which means that anyone can join, you do not need to be a member.


Register Now because space is limited: Cost $55


Lurong Nutrition Challenge

This is a 5-week nutrition and lifestyle challenge starting January 15th. There are multiple nutrition programs to choose from to fit your needs. Alongside the dietary component there are also weekly lifestyle & fitness challenges to help keep you on track.
Register at Lurong Living Early Bird Pricing ends Dec 28th

PR Week

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hit a new PR (personal record) everyday?


Well, now you can.


Welcome to PR Week!

We want to go out of 2017 with a BANG! That means every workout this week you are going to be looking for a brightspot. And we will help you along the way.


Our bright spots are not necessarily hitting a new max lift, rowing a faster 500m, or getting your first pull up (although all those do count). Our bright spots can be anything, an intention for the day, for your workout.


Here are a few examples from my workouts last week.


When we did this workout

A- 6 deadlifts

B-30 sec singles

C- 6 Hang power cleans

D- 30 sec Row

E- 6 push jerks

F-30 sec AD

G- Rest


My intention or goal for the workout was to cycle all of the push jerks (i.e. not resting the BB on my shoulders). So that was my main focus, it meant that when I got to that part of the workout I needed to take a moment and make sure I was ready.


Another example from when we did:

3 rounds

20 Bar Facing Burpees

10 OHS

3 Ring Muscle ups


That day my goal was two-fold. I wanted to do all the OHS unbroken and also snatch the first rep, at the RX weight both of those are challenging. I wasn’t able to hit all 10 OHS on my last set, my shoulder got a little loose, and I made the smart decision to drop it at rep 7. Making that choice is a PR in itself…knowing when to back down, always a challenge.


So, this week don’t just think about hitting a bigger lift, think about all the ways you might be able to improve your workout.


Here is a quick rundown of the week ahead and ways to find your brightspot.

                            Workouts                      BrightSpots

Max Hang Squat Snatch
10 Min Amrap

60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 OHS 120/90
10 Ring Muscle Ups


  • Solid catch position
  • BB Makes contact with hip
  • Elbows fully locked out
  • Finish burpees unbroken, under 4 minutes, under 3 minutes
  • OHS in X number of set or less
  • Snatch OHS into position
  • Stay on heels for all reps


3 sets of
8 SA KBS/arm

27 cal AD

8 SA KB Clean Deadlift/arm

27 unbroken strict situps

8 box jumps

27 Double unders

Rest 3 minutes


  • Each round same pace
  • AD cals same pace
  • Situps without hooking feet
  • Higher box
  • Rebound box jumps
  • Unbroken double unders
  • Unbroken single unders

A-    1 squat clean

B- 1 Split Jerk

C 10 cal row

  • Catch bar on shoulders
  • Release hook grip in catch
  • Elbows fast and all the way around
  • No push out on jerk
  • Solid catch position
  • Quality & efficient row stroke


Thrusters 95/65

Pull ups


  • Unbroken thrusters
  • Unbroken pull ups
  • Thruster/pull ups in X number of sets

5 rounds of
12 Deadlifts


6 Push Jerks



  • Unbroken Deadlifts
  • Unbroken HPC
  • Unbroken Push Jerks
  • Stick to your plan
  • Fast elbows
  • Full lockout in catch
  • Pace/Choose appropriate weight
  • Superb set up

“12 Days of CrossFIt True”

1 Burpee Muscle up

2  Hang Squat Cleans

3 Deadlifts

4 Wall Balls

5 Power CLeans

6 Chin UPs

7 Box Jumps

8 Double Unders


10 DB Snatch

11 C2B

12 Thrusters
BarBell [135/95]

DumbBell [45/30]



Athlete Spotlight: Nancy

  1. What made you choose CrossFit True?
    I liked the idea of doing a pre-selected workout. My experience with regular gyms was not good as I do not have very strong discipline when it comes to doing things that are uncomfortable. My former neighbor, Natalie Cashman suggested True Athletics. She was a member and loved it.
  2. How long have you been training with us?
    It was five years this summer.
  3. What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?
    I’m a clinical psychologist for the State of CT and I have a private practice three evenings per week as well. And I have an amazing daughter that I try to spend as much time with as possible.
  4. How is your nutrition? Do you eat a certain way? If so when did you make the switch?
    I tried Paleo during one of the gyms earlier Lurong challenges and it worked really well for me. I try to keep that as a core ideal, with wine and ice cream thrown in as vices.
  5. What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?
    Kettle bell swings, sit-ups and dead lifts.
  6. How about a favorite WOD?
    I like the filthy fifty, primarily because that was the first wod I completed that I thought I couldn’t finish but did!
  7. What is your favorite workout song?
    I like Macklemore, Eminem, and I really like Sail by Awolnation.
  8. What is your favorite type of workout? (AMRAP, Chipper, Ladder, Rounds for time?)
  9. Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?
    Yes! Mentally I have come to realize I am way more capable of things than I ever gave myself credit for, and this has transferred to other areas of my life. Physically, I am definitely stronger and less likely to let minor aches and pains derail my exercise routine. In fact, now when my lower back starts to hurt I know I need to get to the gym because it’s been too long!
  10. What are your current goals?
    I’d like to do a pull up. Although that’s been my goal since I started. I guess my goal is to work on what I need to in order to do a pull up!
  11. What is your favorite color?
  12. What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at CrossFit True?
    Full body push ups. Some. Not 100.
  13. Say something else, anything!
    I love Crossfit True! It’s been a place where I know that I will be encouraged, accepted and supported by absolutely everyone there. It’s kept me healthy and active and provides a sense of community that I value very much.


Expedite  [ek-spi-dahyt]

to accomplish promptly, to speed up the progress of


Expedite its the brave twin of procrastination. It’s getting stuff done. And getting it done NOW. Its beautiful.


Oh but it is so very very difficult.


At any given moment there are dozen of “things” you could be doing rather than what you should be doing. It’s easy to get pulled away or more likely distracted before you even start.

But is this something we can become better at? A skill that we can learn, put into place and overtime become an expediter?


I believe the answer is yes.


We all have the same amount of time. So, why is it that some people get tons of stuff done while everyone else can’t seem to accomplish the simplest tasks?


Becoming an expeditor is a goal of mine, something that I am working on, but also something that I often struggle with accomplishing. The “rules” for becoming an expeditor are simple…don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do right now”.


This goes for everything.


Need to stop at the store on the way home from work but don’t really feel like it….start to talk yourself into just going tomorrow, but chances are you won’t want to go tomorrow either.


Dreading making a phone call, but not doing it now you allow yourself to build it up in your mind, making the unknown worse.


Have a big project to do? Need to clean the house? Need to get to the gym? What if you were to just do it?


It’s easier said than done.


Just 10 minutes ago I have to remind myself to just do it right now…don’t wait…don’t get distracted.


I had just sat down at the computer…looking over my to do list….I wasn’t really into any project yet…just getting set up. When I remembered that I needed to pay my credit card bill today. I was just about to add it to my to-do list so that I wouldn’t forget when the light bulb went off…..just do it now…why wait.


Sometimes it is just about reminding yourself that you don’t need to wait until the perfect time, that if its a tasks that you don’t really want to do chances are you won’t want to do it later either, and that getting it done now will only be temporarily annoying, but satisfying once its done.


Other times you might need to set yourself up for success. Turning your phone to airplane mode and then hiding it under a pillow, across the room, in a locked box so that you don’t randomly check the weather for the 10th time today.


Practicing expediting the tasks in your life will keep you on track. It’s a skill like any other and you’ll get better at it over time.


What do you get done right now?


Guzzle & Goals

Hopefully, you have taken a look at my previous posts on goals. I not you can check them out here:

A New Way of Looking at Goal Setting

How Long Will it Take to Reach your Goals


Don’t want to read all of those? Just want us to tell you what to do? We’ve got you covered!

All this goal setting information is great, but it’s only useful if you put it into place. That is why we are offering a unique Goal Setting Seminar where you will learn how to set goals that will improve your life and how to take action to achieve them.


In this seminar you will be immerse in goal setting strategies along with your peers. This is an opportunity to get in depth knowledge without having to research goal setting strategies and figuring out which one is best, we’ve done that for you.   


Some of the best proven ways to achieve your goals is to write them down, to make them “real”. We will take that a step further. Our seminar will have an open group discussion, where not only will we be writing them down, but sharing them. When we share our goals we allow others to help us achieve them by having accountability buddies.


Don’t miss this opportunity to start 2018 off right.


Our “Guzzle & Goals” Seminar will be taking place Friday December 15 @ 630pm. The “Guzzle” is for beer or other adult beverages. Its BYOB because there are too many different flavors out there. We will be providing some snack and all the knowledge you can handle.


This event is $10 and you need to register for it as we will be getting some packets of information together for you and want to ensure that we have enough.


To register email Monique@true-athletics.com

Goals Part 3: Execute

If you missed part 1: A new way of looking at goal setting or part 2: How long it will take to reach your goals make sure to give them a quick read before reading part 3.


Goals Part 3: “Whoopie” was inspired by Ben Bergeron’s podcast Chasing Excellence. Ben coaches some of the top athletes in Crossfit, but ideas can be used by anyone is any part of life not just fitness. You can watch the podcast here.

In this podcast, they take the standard goal setting routine of using S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) to a new level. They call it W.H.O.O.P.I.E (Wishing & Hoping, Outcome, Obstacles, Plan/Process, Integrity/Identity, Execute) let’s break this down.


Wishing & Hoping


This is the easy part. This is what we get excited about, it’s our grand vision. Just talking about what we wish and hope for gets us excited. To wear that outfit you haven’t worn in years, but hangs in the back of your closet taunting you. To compete in a race, CrossFit, or another sport. To start a new business or get promoted. These are the things we wish and hope for, they are what gets us started thinking about our future goals, but it’s not enough to carry us to the finish line.




Outcome is where the S.M.A.R.T goal setting process comes into play. This comes in 2-parts. First we need to layout the expectations of our goals otherwise they just remain wishes and hopes. Making your goal specific, having a measurement to see progress, making sure it is achievable, that is it relevant to what you want, and that you can set a time to get it accomplished.


The second part is putting an emotion to the outcome of your goal. When you accomplish your goal what are you going to feel like, how excited will you be? How is it going to make you feel to tell other about your accomplishment? To relive that moment over and over again.




This is where we start to break away from the typical goal setting. Obstacles are the things that might keep you from achieving your goal and it’s important to think about these so that you can develop a plan if you run into them.




What is the step-by-step plan that is going to take you to your goals? What do you need to do every month, week, day, in order to reach your goal? Can you stick to this plan? Is it attainable to workout 4 times a week, to eat healthy and skip the cake, drinks, etc at parties, or put in 4 hours a day working on your new business idea while still working a full time job and having a family? This process need to be something you can actually maintain and if not it might be time to reassess your grand vision.




What happens when an obstacle presents itself? How do you identify yourself and what you do in that situation. If you plan to go to the gym, but get stuck at work….identifying yourself as the type of person who does a workout at home instead or set the alarm to get in a morning session.


Linking your identity (you are the type of person who…) gets the process/plan done no matter what happens….no matter what obstacles are put in your way.




This is the hardest step. You need to take massive action. If you don’t execute all the above steps they won’t work, you’re just left with your wishes and hopes. We can’t just give ourselves credit for talking about our goals…we need to take action. Executing, putting in the work, that is what will get you to your goals.


What’s your grand vision?

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