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Unknown Benefits of Meal Prep

Hands down, the #1 thing you can do to improve your healthy lifestyle is food prep.
This allows you to have nutritious meals ready (or mostly ready) in those times of need when you are starving and you need to eat NOW! It allows you to make sure you are getting quality calories not just empty fillers, that will leave your searching for more.


But I know that actually doing food prep appears overwhelming. You might find it inconvenient. You have no time. You don’t have the energy. You don’t know how. The excuses are plentiful.


This is where we need to shine a spotlight on all the benefits of meal prep because they vastly outweigh the negatives.  And I’m not just talking about it leading you to healthier eating and all that comes with having this habit, but things you might not have thought of.


Saves Time:

It might seem like it takes a while to meal prep (and it does) but once it is done, there is nothing else to do. Ask yourself…How much time to you spend daily preparing meals? Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day over the course of a week that is 3.5hours. Once you are in the habit of meal prep it takes less time than that.


Saves Mental Energy:

How often are you asking… What do you want to eat? How much mental energy are you using thinking about what should be for dinner. With meal prep, this happens just once a week. Your food is ready so you don’t need to waste your decision making.


You’ll have less dishes:

Cooking each night requires the use of multiple dishes, but doing your food prep all at once allows you to use minimal dishes each night. Sure, you’ll have to do them on food prep day, but once you do them you basically only need 1 pan to reheat your dinner…or you could just use the microwave and eliminate even more.


You’ll be more active:

We sit a lot. We figure out ways to move less, to make things more “convenient”, but at what cost? Have you ever thought about the way you move your body on a daily basis? You’ve heard that making small daily changes can have huge impacts on your life. Parking a little further from the store your going into or taking the stairs means you are moving just a bit more and over time it adds up in your benefit.

You can think of your meal prep day as active recovery. Standing, chopping, bending down, stirring, carrying dishes & cleaning up. All of this movement helps reverse the effect of our chronically oversitting habits.


Become more mindful:

Doing tasks, like cooking, that don’t require a ton of brain energy are great to reset the mind. Sure you might need to look at your recipe and make sure you are adding the correct items, but when you are chopping & stirring you can let your mind wonder, it’s when some of our best ideas are revealed.


On a final note, don’t wait for perfection. Your meal prep does not have to be 100%, you can start small. Maybe you focus on just one meal? Or you can prep a bunch of protein; grill chicken & steak, brown up ground turkey meat and toss taco seasoning on it. This way all you need to add are some veggies and you’ll have a whole meal.


Try it out this week. Focus on how meal prep will improve your life, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


And So It Begins…

The 2018 CrossFit Open kicks off in less than 12 hours, it’s our time to shine. For many it is the time to test themselves and see how they have progressed over the past year. A time to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and achieve new heights.


If you have participated in the CrossFit Open in the past, you know that it has a way of humbling you. Weaknesses are exposed. And it lights a fire within you to work on those weaknesses. At the end of the Open people are usually hyped up to really crush the coming year. They list lofty goals of improving their olympic lifting, their gymnastics skills, becoming more flexible to achieve a particular movements and gaining strength.


Of course, months (or maybe just weeks) later those goals don’t seems as important. Summer sneaks in, you forget all about what happened during those last 5-week of winter when you participated in something called the Open…..Oh yea…you wanted to get better at lifting….


And now here it is again, the CrossFit Open, you knew it was coming, it wasn’t a surprise, but those goals you had…you were going to get better…..you were going to be ready for the Open.


Well, I have some GREAT news!


I have heard multiple people say “i’m not ready for the Open” I still need to work on X..Y..&..Z. Of course you do, we all do, we can all get better, even the very top athletes are working on their skills trying to improve by that 1%.


And we will continue to get better year after year.


But the GREAT news is, you HAVE GOTTEN BETTER. You have been working on those skills. You’ve put in the time & effort. Now all you need to do is the best you can.


Too often we enter the Open thinking…I wish I was better at this…I still can’t link my double unders…..I still don’t have a muscle up….But what about all the things you’ve done over the past year? I have written out a lot of PR (personal record) postcards, so I know you have been achieving new things.


Reflect on all your bright spots and be proud of the effort you give during this years CrossFit Open.

Lessons from Food

It’s the “final” week of the Lurong Nutrition Challenge, I say “final” because at the end of 5-weeks we have have learned a thing or two, we may have changed our body composition, but we are far from done because there is no “done”…this is an ongoing journey.


Our nutrition challenges give us an amazing opportunity to analyze what we are consuming, which wouldn’t happen if we just made the pledge to eat healthier. Due to their short nature (5 to 8 weeks) and having prelaid guidelines we are forced to focus on our consumption daily. At first it can seem overwhelming, your constantly thinking about what you should and shouldn’t eat.


The biggest hurdle is overcoming the feeling of hunger. Due to the fact that you are thinking more about food, your brain tricks you into thinking you are hungry, but this will pass. Your body and mind will adjust and those false hunger pains will subside.


But as the challenge nears its end we need to refocus. What habits can we stick with? Which ones made the biggest difference? Are we ready to enter a maintenance phase where we can be a little looser with our guideline, but not go off the deep end?


Our mission for health and wellness will continue throughout our lifetime. Chances are the better we take care of ourselves, the longer we will live, and the longer our mission for health and wellness will be. Finding balance is the key to maintaining this lifestyle.


If you need help with nutrition we offer nutrition coaching which provides you with someone you are accountable to and who can guide you on the right choices for your goals. To set up a nutrition coach email monique@true-athletics.com

Active Aging

This week I saw an instagram post of 92-year old Betty doing some burpees. Then there is Grandma Betty 97-years old who should inspired all of us. Or what about all of those participating in the Senior Games…oh you didn’t even know that was a thing. Well, it is and these seniors are living an active lifestyle and will give you a run for your money.

When  I think about all these amazing people who are taking control of their lives and their health I see a bright future where as we age we don’t slow down. Our healthcare system is completely revamped because those preventable chronic diseases are no longer an issue.

But then I go to the local grocery store…..and reality hits.

It’s astounding how many people have given up. That what we consider “normal” is unhealthy. The 90+ year old Betty’s, the athletes in the Senior Games, and all of our members at CrossFit True we are the outliers and should be proud of that label.


Every workout you do, every time you chase you kids at the park or take your dog for a hike. Every time you choose not to overindulge on processed crap foods. Every one of those little moments are building to help you have a long active life. Think of these things as deposits into you “Health 401k” so your retirement is not spent at the doctors.


Day by day learn to move better, to choose a more nutritious option,  get fresh air,  improve your quality of sleep, learn how to de-stress and make the most of this life. I’ll see you at the Senior Games!


Super Bowl Eats

The Super Bowl has terrible timing.


I mean seriously, we are just 1-month in to our “2018 new you-get fit for the summer-no more love handles-no more beer belly-six pack abs-tight tush-I’m really going to do it this year challenge”


And then here comes the Super Bowl all quiet, just sneaks up on you, a great reason to throw away all your hard work these past few week and indulge, indulge, indulge…until you’ve gone too far and its regret, regret, regret.


Well, you really don’t have to do that. There are some really great recipes out there that will be kind to your new lifestyle diet, but won’t make you feel like an outsider when you aren’t eating all the crap.


Here are my TOP Super Bowl Eats


Buffalo Chicken Casserole:

This could double as a dip, its so creamy and delicious.



This is the ultimate football food. With a few modification they go from greasy unhealthy you’ll regret this later to a great source of protein.

Chili Lime Chicken Wings

Huli-Huli Chicken Wings

Whole30 friendly Buffalo Wings



Don’t forget the dip. You can find this ranch at the local supermarket. And it has no crap inside.


Chicken Nuggets

Word on the street is Chik-Fil-A’s secret ingredient is marinating their chicken in pickle juice….this recipe does the same


Pineapple Bacon Poppers:

My favorite thing to bring to a party because it is simple and delicious (I even omit the peppers…just pineapple wrapped bacon…yum)

…..p.s…..if you are having a moment of weakness….quietly excuse yourself….head to the bathroom, roll up your sleeves ( or better yet pop your top off) and flex….check out those muscles…. Go ahead really…check yourself out…you look good…you’ve worked hard…be proud. Don’t waste that hard work.

Don’t Freak Out at your Scale!?!

This is real life…..my weight from Jan 9th-Jan 19th (typically I don’t weigh myself this often, but it was an experiment).


1/09: 135.0

1/10: 136.2

1/12: 134.8

1/16: 139.0

1/17 135.2

1/19: 134.2


So, you notice something go terribly wrong on Jan 16th?


I’m not going to lie, when I first saw my weight on Jan 16th I had to take a deep breath and do some quick positive self-talk. This was day 2 of our nutrition challenge…two days of eating well means I should have vast improvements; not 4 lbs of weight gain.


Even though I know this number does not define me, it’s not a measure of my fitness, or the type of person I am, or if I am worthy of happiness,  still I had the same initial reaction that most people do when they step on the scale it’s not what they were expecting.


This thing is broken. Followed by shaking it and trying again.


In reality, the few pounds difference was more than likely from going out to eat on Sunday night. We had delicious Turkish food….which basically means salty lamb goodness. You could imagine that due to the higher level of salt intake my body was holding on to some extra water.


The point is, our weight fluctuates day-to-day, hour-to-hour. To be dependent on what the scale says everyday is foolish. It is a great tool to use to observe trends over time and too pull you back in when things have gotten a bit out of control (in either direction). But I caution you not to rely on it solely.


This is one of the best benefits of CrossFit True, we have endless ways to measure our health and fitness. We look at trends over time and how we improve in strength, balance, coordination, power, flexibility, agility, stamina, accuracy, cardiovascular endurance, and speed. We see body composition changes thru loss of body fat and increased muscle tone. But our best and most rewarding measurement is seeing improvements in confidence. 

CrossFit Open: 2018 Edition

The CrossFit Open is a yearly test that allows anyone and everyone to assess their fitness; where they stand, how far they have come, and what strengths or weaknesses they possess.

Each year, amazing things occur during the CF Open:

  • You’ll push yourself harder than ever before
  • You’ll try something new
  • You’ll achieve what you thought was impossible
  • You’ll grow closer to everyone at Team True and the CrossFit Community

What is the CrossFit Open?

  • 5 workouts released by CF HQ over the course of 5-weeks (1 workout per week)
    • Each workout will have an RX & Scaled division as well as age divisions (teens & masters)
  • The workouts are released on Thursday nights
    • Here at CF True we will put them into our class schedule on Fridays
    • You have until Monday night to get the workout complete, so if you miss it on Friday you still have time to get it done
  • Worldwide leader board
    • Keeps track of your scores, see improvements in yourself year to year, and how you stack up against the world (seriously there are 350 thousand plus people who register each year)

Is the CrossFit Open right for you?

  • The CF Open is designed for EVERYONE! (if 350,000 people register, you can bet you can be one of them)

How do you register?


Counting Macros: Food Prep

Here is a little guide to help you understand how to calculate your macros when doing food prep. In this example I am using what I would eat for breakfast and how I prepared 7 days worth.  For more information tune into our Facebook Live Nutrition Talk Friday @ Noon. https://www.facebook.com/events/1912965782049075/


Raw vs Cooked: Weighing your food


To be most accurate you’ll need to weigh your food, but doing this when raw vs cooked will yield different results.


Example: The Turkey Sausage raw weighted 514 grams but cooked it was only 365 grams. Although after it is done cooking it weighs less, you still need to account for all the nutrients in the raw amount. (Spoiler: you are not cooking away the calories…sorry).


I start by cooking the egg whites first. I don’t need to measure these because they come measured in the container (454 grams/each) and I use 2-whole containers. Once it is done cooking, I will re-weigh the cooked egg whites.


In this case they weighed 778 grams cooked.


Taking that weight 778 grams I divide that by 7. Each portion of egg whites would be ~111 grams. Don’t worry if you are off by a gram or two. 

Single Serving

~111 grams goes into each one of my containers, but remember when putting it into you app, you’ll want to put in the raw amount. In this case the raw egg whites weight 908 grams. Divide that by 7 and you’ll have ~129 grams in your macro counting app.


*This might seem like a lot of work, but once you get into the flow, it’s not that bad. For example, because I eat prepare my eggs the same way each week, I don’t need to measure them once cooked. I know that each serving is going to be approximately 111 grams. If it is off a gram or two it’s not going to throw off your entire day.


Moving on, the same thing happens with the turkey sausage and rutabaga.


Weight them raw and reweight them cooked.


With the cooked weight I will divide by 7 since I want to have 7 breakfast prepared for the week.

Single Serving

*If your not being super strict, you could eyeball the portion size, doing your best to split it up into equal serving. This would eliminate the need to reweigh the food after it was cooked.


Entering you information into your macro app


There are a bunch of different apps that you can get to keep track of your macros. I use My Fitness Pal. It’s probably the most popular, it’s fairly easy to use, and they offer a free version.

There are a few things to remember when entering your foods.


#1 check for accuracy. In the search bar if you put in chicken breast you’ll get a thousand different results, some will be more accurate than others. Most will be similar, choose one that is similar with the others if you are unsure. Do Not choose the one that says it only has 2 calories…..your still consuming the calories even if your app tells you otherwise.


#2 Enter your raw amounts as often as possible.


#3 If you ate it enter it. Think of this as a science experiment. If you want accurate results you’ll want to enter everything….even the bad stuff. This will help you tremendously when you look back and make adjustments. You need accurate information otherwise you are making random adjustments and seeing change in health or body composition will take longer. 


This is what it looks like for my breakfast. The Ghee is what I used to cooked the eggs, that counts too. I simply divided what I used by 7. The rest of the foods I did not use anything to “grease” the pan. The turkey sausage greases the pan enough by itself and the rutabaga I saute with water to cut down of my overall fat intake (that way I can eat more avocados later!)

Final note, if you are still new to counting your macros, know that there is a learning curve. It takes some patients and practice. The more you do it the easier it becomes. There will be days you forget to enter or it is way off. You’ll cook an entire casserole and forget to measure anything (I have done this plenty of times). Don’t give up, use any mistakes a  learning experience. Just as when learning to do a deadlift, there is a process. It’s not either deadlift 500lbs or nothing…there is a whole bunch of in between. 


Want more info on the basics of nutrition and counting macros? Tune in for our FREE Facebook live nutrition talk on Friday @ noon. If you can’t make it, don’t worry it stays up on Facebook so you can watch it later. If you don’t have Facebook, that is ok too you can still watch it!.



There is NO Magic

During yesterday’s workout I was delighted to witness one of our athletes begin to link their toes-to-bar together (actually this happened in multiple classes, what an awesome day). Anywho, this particular athlete had mentioned that they linked a few the previous week. As this is still new…one round they would lose their rhythm, then they would get it back…its still a learning process.


The interesting thing was that after one round they hopped off as I was excitedly cheering that they linked a bunch together and they said


“yea, its like magic….things have been coming together lately”


I just shook my head and gave them a crazy look and let them know that…..this is NOT magic……this is hardwork….this is you being constant with getting to the gym….staying after class and working on skills….this “magic” is what you get when you put in constant effort.


It’s strange the way we don’t give ourselves credit. These accomplishments we attain are not magic. We make them happen. It’s our efforts and commitment that make theses outcomes possible, magic has nothing to do with it.


If you are looking to improve, to be more consistent, and to see what you are capable of get on board with one of (or both) our challenges in January. Both of them will set you up with others who will help you be accountable and help you stay consistent.


Lurong Nutrition Challenge

5-week nutrition and lifestyle challenge. Multiple diet levels to choose. Weekly workouts. Lifestyle habits such as sleep & drinking plenty of water.


It starts on Jan 15th.


If you register now you’ll get a FREE bag of protein ($50 value)




6-Week Fat Loss Boot Camp

If you want to get sweaty, get your heart pumping, and burn tons of calories, this is for you. This is our second Fat Loss boot camp; our last one was so much fun we had to do it again. Fire up your metabolism, feel accomplished and ready to tackle the day.


When: Sunday mornings at 8am starting Jan 7th

What: 1-hour class that will have you moving and sweating the entire time. Mostly body weight with some kettlebell, dumbbell, and battle ropes. Simple, effective movements.

Who: open to everyone…tell your friends

Cost $55




Grab a friend to join you.

When you have a friend (non-CF True member) register, you get to join them for FREE!


Don’t wait space is limited for our 6-week fat loss boot camp

Email monique@true-athletics.com

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