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Sweet Potato Cranberry Bliss

Tried this recipe the other day and it ended up being pretty amazing. The picture doesn’t do it justice…but my tastebuds are happy. Here is what I did:

What I used:

2 sweet potatoes dices

1 bag of fresh cranberries

3 Fuji apples (mine were small so I used 3)


GrassFed Butter

What I did:

  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Dice up sweet potato and apples
  • Tossed the sweet potato, apples, and cranberries together in glass baking dish
  • Sprinkled Cinnamon on top
  • Added about 1 tablespoon of GF Butter…diced it up and spread little pieces about.
  • Cover with foil
  • Bake about 1 hour
  • Then mix up all the flavors

This is great both hot & cold and would make an awesome side dish for the holidays. I have been eating it mostly cold because I don’t like waiting for food to get in my belly.   It has a little sweetness from the apples (you could always use green apples to lessen the sweetness).


Beat Food Boredom

When you first start changing your eating habits you can get sucked down the rabbit hole of eating the same thing everyday. It becomes a safe place….you know nutritionally it follows whatever you are trying to accomplish and it’s palatable.

But “it’s palatable” does not sound all that appetizing…..it sounds more like you are able to choke down the food…if you really have to…because you are starving….and it’s the only thing you know that fits into your guidelines.

Luckily, I have been experimenting with my nutrition for a while now and I like to cook so I have tried a ton of different recipes….making all the “bad” for you foods with a “good” for you twist.

Here are some of my favorites:

New twist on an old favorite:

Buffalo Chicken Casserole/Buffalo Chicken Crockpot Chili

Last year I made the Buffalo Chicken Casserole……if you have not made this yet stop reading this and go to make it……It was a HUGE success.

BUT WAIT…..this year someone remade it but made it so much EASIER!!!!

Buffalo Chicken Crockpot Chili I will be honest…I like the casserole more, but the convenience of the crockpot chili makes it worth it.

If you have time go for the full shebang and make the casserole, if you are looking for a quick mid-week dinner the crockpot chili is where its at.

Orange Chicken

I surprise myself every time we make this…..it is so good…I forget how amazing it is until it hits my mouth and then I escape to a place where my flavor-buds are so very happy. It’s easy too. You do need to use fresh oranges….don’t try to be lazy and use tropicana OJ…its just not the same. Check out the full recipe: Orange Chicken

Plantain Tortillas

Its simple…..you need a carrying device for your taco tuesday dinner….there are only so many taco salads a person can handle. Say HELLO to your new favorite taco shell….the Plantain Tortilla  I will let you in on a little secret of mine….as long as you don’t care that these are the “perfect” shape you can save yourself a lot of time by just making one huge tortilla (more like a flatbread) and then cutting it into useable pieces.

But now that I said flatbread….this could be used an an unusual pizza crust…..I have not tried this….it just came to me.

Chicken Parmesan

So, you’ll need to omit the cheese, but its still delicious. Chicken Parm is one of those comfort foods and as the weather gets cold and I want to stay inside bundled up I can assure you that I will be putting this on the menu. Check out the recipe: Chicken Parmesan

WLC: Video Series

Sorry guys, but I don’t have a “What I’m Eating” but it will be back next week. I wanted to work on some videos for you and get some photos because videos/photos make blogs better.

Anywho, I wanted to make sure you knew about our awesome YouTube Channel. Last year when we did the WLC I did some quick videos and they are worth checking out.


Just because the label reads “5 grams” of sugar doesn’t mean it has added sugar. You need to take a look at the ingredients list as well.

Here are some of the foods that I eat…most of them should be WLC approved, but the rules are always changing.

Seriously, the best thing ever. I eat these all the time. Multiple times a week.

Hate cutting sweet potatoes? This is  how I do it when I am making sweet potato “fries”

This last video is doing food prep for the whole week. If you have a plan, it’s not terribly difficult.



Hope you enjoyed those as I will be doing more of them throughout the challenge. IF you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, let me know.

What I’m Eating: Coach Kyle Edition

Hi All, Coach Kyle here and it is Friday, the day before this challenge kicks off. I just read Moe’s article, “What I am eating,” and thought, since I don’t feel like working. Maybe, I will write a blog about what my nutrition plan is.

First off, I eat the same thing for most of my meals, with the exception of dinner. I try to get my fats in early in the day, eat most of my carbs before and after my workout, and a protein with each meal.


Breakfast – I mash 4 hardboiled eggs and 1 avocado together. I bought this egg cooker off of amazon and it cooks 7 eggs in 10 minutes. I usually cook these in the morning while I am getting ready for work. I like to eat my hard boiled eggs when they are warm.

I eat my breakfast at work at around 8 am. This is a fairly easy process since we have a small kitchen in my office.

Sometimes, I make a shake using the nutri-bullet using veggies, fruit and seeds. But, that’s a lot of work. I have made those in my office in the morning as well.


Lunch- Since I am a growing boy, I eat lunch twice at 11am and 2pm. Lunch 1 I eat 4 oz. of meat (I pre-cook all my meat over the weekend and freeze them in containers. I also, have a small scale that I bought on amazon), 1 avocado (yup, 2nd of the day), and frozen veggies.

2nd Lunch at 2pm I eat 4 oz. of meat, frozen veggies, and 1 sweet potato.


When I want to get crazy or I am just sick of eating the same thing every day, I will make chicken soup, although, it does not taste too good. Or do some type of crook pot meal with a meat, 28oz of canned Centos tomatoes, onion, 40oz butternut squash, and a couple can of sliced pitted olives. I add some spices and boom, a crook pot meal with all 3 macro’s.


Dinner time – Whatever my wife Chelsey is cooking. Since I am doing the challenge, she makes sure she keeps dinner Whole Life Challenge approved. This gets difficult because she is not doing the challenge (I banned her from doing nutrition challenges, she cried every day when we did the first one a few years back) She is a very picky eater. She gets creative with dinner, she will make chilli, turkey burgers (without the bread obvy), or buffalo chicken fingers.

You have to plan ahead. Go shopping and cook on the weekends. Know what you want to eat every day. I suggest going to the grocery store on Friday night so you have healthy food for the weekend. I find sometimes that I eat so well during the week but, I lack a plan for the weekend.

WLC Week 1: What I’m Eating

Let’s start off week one with a BANG! Take some time to prepare…know what you are going to eat…have a plan…and then a back up plan. And remember this isn’t a calorie restrictive challenge…if you feel hungry eat more.




I have been doing basically the same breakfast for the last few years with some minor adjustments and swaps, but this is what it generally looks like…..Eggs, sweet potato, and some meat product. Because I wake up at 4:30am I make all my breakfast ahead of time so I can just grab and go. Yes, even the eggs.


Eggs: keep it simple. Just scrambled egg whites


Sweet Potato: I spiralize the sweet potato and toss it in a fry pan with some water & spices….usually salt, pepper, garlic powder. Then I put a lid on it until they are soft and the water has evaporated.


Meat: Lazy Moe’s Breakfast  Chicken Sausage


I use to make a ton of breakfast sausage at the beginning of the challenge, but I won’t have time to do it and it’s still too hot to turn on the oven. Here is the recipe usually do . I usually make enough to last the whole challenge and just freeze them using a combination of ground chicken and ground pork.


But since I won’t have time, I’m going to start with the lazy version. Ready?


Ground Chicken, small container of the mixed italian spices (I think it’s rosemary, Sage & Thyme) and some onion….maybe garlic too. Anywho I just saute it all in the fry pan. Usually I will only use less than ½ the italian mix and save the rest for marinating grilled chicken.


Lunch & Dinner

I don’t really separate out my lunch & dinners, rather I think of the rest of my food prep in terms of Macro’s….that is….Proteins, Carbs, and Fats.


For me…I really focus on Protein first and coordinate the rest of my macros around the protein source.




Grilled Chicken….quick & easy yet extremely versatile.


Remember that leftover Italian Spice mix that I used for the breakfast “sausage” well, the rest of it is going on the chicken. I slice the chicken breast in ½ so the cook more evenly and won’t dry out. Then toss them with a bit of olive oil & the spices…throw them on the grill…and tada! Now I can use this for tons of different things…add it to salad, pair it with veggies, throw it together with spaghetti squash and red sauce, or eat it whenever I need a protein snack.


Pulled Pork

Like I’ve mentioned…I don’t have a bunch of time this week to prepare….so tossing a pork loin into the crockpot is about as easy as you can get. Plus I found this recipe...Easy Shredded Pork over Mashed Plantains…..and remember how delicious the mashed plantains were from Kettlebell Kitchen….I think it’s time to recreate the deliciousness.




Fresh Fruit so delicious and easy to grab…this varies week to week usually just depends on what is on sale/ what looks good, but I can guarantee there will be grapes in the mix ( I have a grape addiction)


Veggies  without pasta, bread, and grains you’ll need to eat lots of veggies to get your carbs. You don’t need to get fancy….frozen veggies will do the trick, just make sure they aren’t covered in that weird cheese sauce.




I don’t “prepare” a lot of fats…mostly I get them from adding things like avocado, nut butters, and cooking with butter/olive oil. But I will say that making your own mayo and then making into other delicious dipping sauces is awesome and can make that “boring” chicken into chicken you can’t stop eating.
Watch this video……Once you have the mayo base you can add any flavor…a simple..super easy one is to add Smoked Paprika.

Athlete Spotlight: Kelly B

What made you choose True Athletics?

It was a total accident. A friend of mine was enrolled in your very first on-ramp class. He was given several discount coupons as an incentive to join, and gave one of those coupons to me. I enrolled in your second on-ramp and decided to join after that. It was way better than the CF style WODs that I was doing at the local park and people didn’t look at me funny like when I tried to do Fight Gone Bad at LA Fitness.

How long have you been Training with us?  

Oh boy… when did you open? It’s been a while. Sadly, my training hasn’t been consistent. I’ve had a few breaks due to silly things like having a baby and working (sometimes) crazy hours.

What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?

I’m a professor at Southern during the day and early evenings, and I’m awake with Abby in the middle of the night.

How is your nutrition?  Do you eat a certain way?  If so when did you make the switch?  

Things have been a little less consistent since getting married and having a kid. Before that, I was primarily paleo – a trend that started in 2008 when I was living with an old-school cross fitter. Now, I try to eat fairly clean – meat with two veg for dinner and lunch and a half gallon of ice cream for snack. It’s all about moderation, right?

Do you have a favorite exercise movement (gymnastics move, lift, etc)?

Air squats, DB snatches, cleans, wall balls, running, and others I’m sure.

How about a favorite WOD?

This may sound terrible, but in my almost 9 years of toying around with CF and over 4 years at TA, I haven’t committed a single Hero or Girl WOD to memory (other than maybe Murph). I have to look them up. Every. Time.

What is your favorite workout song?

It’s a state-dependent question – I can’t answer this unless I’m getting ready to work out. It would definitely be something on one of Dan’s go-to playlists, though.

Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?

Both. I was at my fittest when training for the 2012 Beast of the East CrossFit Competition, at the age of 34. My training has definitely taken several steps back since then, but I’m proud to say that I’m still fitter now than I ever was in my 20’s or early 30’s. I’ve also learned what I’m capable of. I don’t hesitate to lift something heavy or push my body to the max. I’d say that I now have more psychological grit than I’ve ever had, and am proud of my body and what it’s capable of (thank you, TA!).

What are your current goals?

Find time for 3-4 WODs per week, run another marathon, improve my kipping pull-ups, be a fit woman/mom/professor/person and a good role model for my kiddo, my family, and my students.

What is your favorite color?

Depends on the moment. Right now it’s yellow. Maybe blue.

What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at True Athletics?

Double-under, clean, snatch, and kip.

Say something else, anything!  

You didn’t ask about the movement’s that I like least (it’s K2E and T2B, btw). Oh, and thanks for sticking by me through all the tough stuff! Much love, TA!!

WLC: This for That…Finding Alternatives

So, a bit ago I asked what would be the hardest foods to eliminate from your diet during the Whole Life Challenge and today I want to give you some ideas on what you can eat instead.


First, I apologize there is no substitute for alcohol, not a legal one that I can condone anyway. So instead I am going to take a short moment and  tell you all the things that you don’t want to hear.


How Drinking Sabotages your Fitness Goals:

  • They are calorie bombs….too many calories….no nutritional value
  • Your body views alcohol as a poison…therefore it works to get it out of your system before anything else…..which simply means that if you’ve been drinking your body will not be burning off fat until all the alcohol is out of your system.
  • Alcohol negatively affects your recover…..leaving you too sore to workout
  • Impairs protein synthesis (muscle growth)
  • Messes with your hormones; negative effect on growth hormone (hormone which helps you get swole) and which is also associated with fat loss. Decreased testosterone levels.


Ok enough about that…let’s get to some delicious recipes.




….so delicious and creamy….But have you tried Chia Seed Pudding? There are basically a million and one ways to make it. Your base is some type of “milk” coconut, almond, cashew, just not actual milk….then you add in chia seeds…you can find them at stop & shop add in your favorite fruit and maybe a bit of sweetener (depending on your level).




“Peanut butter” & Jelly pudding




….I miss it too, but I don’t miss the way it would make me feel.


Check out these 15 Paleo Cereal Recipes they even have a “coco puff” Cereal & Cinnamon Faux Crunch


Ice Cream…..


…….This is easy….I just recently did a blog post about ice cream & it’s stupid simple & simply delicious…..bananas, strawberries, coconut milk, & vanilla extract…check it out


Bread & Pasta….


There are some varieties that you might be able to find in the stores that would comply with the WLC, but you also have some real food alternatives.


For pasta you should invest in a spiralizer I use mine weekly. Zucchini noodles (zoodles), sweet potato noodles, rutabaga noodles…there are lots of possibilities…plus there is a whole website of just spiralized recipes.


Bread is a bit trickier. There are recipes that use nuts to make bread I have made this recipe and I am still shocked that somehow when you put a bunch of cashew butter and coconut flour together it makes bread.


Gummy Bears…..


Yep…..you can make your very own gummies….and to think they can all be your favorite flavor….


Mango Lime Gummies


Blueberries & Cream


Whatever flavor you want

Prepping for the Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is a few weeks away, so I am sure that you haven’t really started thinking about it, at least not in the way you should. I would put money on that most of you have only been thinking about all the terrible foods you can eat leading up to the start and how you can fit them all in….What your “last meal” will be…..on a side note this is not your last meal….I guarantee you will eat crap again post WLC. Hopefully, not as often and hopefully you will develop some great new habits. So now is the time to stop thinking about what you can’t eat and start focusing on what you are going to eat.

Register here to join our team : http://www.whole.lc/wlc1609/pt/cftrue

Here are a few tips to get you on the right track.


Start reading ingredients

You are going to be surprised on how much crap is in all the stuff you love. Next time you are in the grocery store check the labels…..read the ingredients…if you can’ pronounce it…it’s probably not allowed on the challenge.


Look around for substitutions

I am going to do a “part 2” of this blog with some substitution ideas for you on what you told me would be the hardest thing to cut out.


Start Meal Prepping

If there is one thing above everything else that will help you stay consistent during this challenge it’s to be prepared. Spend some time the week before making some staples that you can throw in the freezer for emergencies. My go to’s Coconut Chicken Fingers, breakfast sausage, chicken stock, taco seasoning, and beef Jerky.


And don’t forget about ordering through KettleBell Kitchen and have cooked meals delivered right to the gym twice a week.


Search the internet for your new favorite food blogger.

Everyone wants to be a food blogger. So there is no short supply of them on the internet. Here are just a few of my favorites (**Not all of them are going to be 100% compliant with the WLC level you have chosen)


Against All Grain








The Domestic Man

That should keep you going for a while. Remember make small steps now & you’ll be very glad you did


Register here to join our team : http://www.whole.lc/wlc1609/pt/cftrue

Never Satisfied

Strive for Perfection.             Pursuit of Excellence.                   Desire More.       


These are things that run through my head everyday. In all aspects of my life, but especially fitness. I am stronger, more fit, healthier, happier,and more confident than ever before, but I know there is still more.


Maybe I’m just greedy.


Way back when I was busting my butt to do my first strict pull up. This was before CrossFit, when I was at the globo gym using the assisted pull up machine and rock climbing like crazy. Yep, I was the rock climber who was unable to do a pull up. Anywho, the day I got that first pull up, it was in my kitchen (we have a pull up thing set up over the bathroom door). I was super pumped, I celebrated with my happy dance (i’ve got sweet moves) but once that was over….my immediate thought was can I do 2 strict pull ups? I jumped up and quickly failed.


This is what I am talking about, always being hungry for more. More PR’s, more fitness, more healthy lifestyle, & more confidence.


But in order to get there, to get more….work needs to be done.


Not just more exercise but….small nutritional changes, better recovery (Sleep), proper mobility, being more present, keeping an open mind, learning from others, and finding way to do work/chores more efficiently in order to have more time for the fun stuff.


That’s what the Whole Life Challenge is about. Striving for more.


Are you satisfied? No? Register for the WLC and see what is possible!



Whole Life Challenge: EXPLAINED

So maybe you have heard the buzz around the gym about the Whole LIfe Challenge, maybe you have participated in the past, or maybe you have no clue what I am rambling on about. Either way the following is the quick & dirty explanation of what to expect in the Whole Life Challenge complete with bullet points, because everyone loves bulletpoints.

Sign up here: http://www.whole.lc/wlc1609/pt/cftrue

What is the Whole Life Challenge?

    • 8-week nutrition & lifestyle challenge
    • September 17th- November 11th


  • Nutrition portion


    • Choose from 3 different levels, each level has it own rules to keep you on track.
    • Top level is close to a strict Paleo diet
    • Bottom level allows much more, but this is still a nutrition challenge so no candy, soda,beer, bagels, pasta, cereal, you know all the things that don’t add to your health & fitness
  • Lifestyle portion…..maybe my favorite part because there is so much more to a healthy life than just diet & exercise.
    • Exercise for 10 minutes each day
    • Mobility/stretching 10 minutes each day
    • Hydration: drink ⅓ body weight in ounces of water daily
    • Sleep: Set a desired numbers of hours of sleep to get each day and stick with it
    • Reflections: Write a short post on the WLC page about how the challenge is going and help your team members stay on track
    • Weekly Lifestyle practice. Announced each week, typically stuff like being kind to others, mediation, and being present during daily tasks.

How do I win?

  • Each day you have the chance to earn points by following the rules of the challenge
  • Nutrition:
    • You start the day with 5 points and each time you eat/drink something non-compliant you lose a point
  • Lifestyle:
      • Earn 5 points for each lifestyle practice that you achieve
  • Prizes:
    • Of course we have prizes, cash, gift cards, and other fun stuff

Before & After

This is truly where everyone wins. We have seen people lose 20 plus pounds, learn that they have reactions to dairy they didn’t realize until the eliminated it, their skin cleared up and they slept soundly throughout the night waking feeling refreshed.


  • Weigh-in/Measurements & Workout
    • Our kickoff party will happen on September 17th (first day of the challenge) @ our 9am class
    • This is your chance to do the initial baseline workout (we will retest this at the end of the 8-weeks to see how awesome you have become)
    • We will also do some initial measurements & photos (again these will be remeasured at the end)

Friend & Family

Get them on board. They don’t need to be a member of our gym to participate. Have them join our team. They can come in for the kickoff party and retesting. The more people the better.


Hope that helped clear up the basics of the challenge. If you have questions get them out there, I’m sure other people are thinking the same.


Can’t wait to start this challenge with all of you! #TeamTrue

Follow this link: http://www.whole.lc/wlc1609/pt/cftrue

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