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Liz M. April Athlete Spotlight

Here is a first look at Liz’s athlete spotlight.  Be sure to check your inbox on Monday for our April newsletter and to learn more about Liz!


We are going to start a new feature on the blog each month where we recognize our members anniversary of their join date.  Joining CrossFit True was a huge step in your lives and has changed you in ways you never realized it would.  We know some of you had a short break from us at times but as we always say, “Once a member, Always a member”.  So weather you were with us this entire time or you took a short break and now you’re back you will always will be a part of our amazing CrossFit Family.

We are so glad to have each and every one of you as members of our CrossFit True family and we can’t wait to continue developing the amazing relationships we have created.

Since this month is the first time we are going to be doing this I am going to include anniversaries from January-April of this year.

Congratulations on your Gymaversary!

First off a big welcome to our NEWEST Members who signed up last month!

Jennifer C.
Sana S.
Jen & Daniel P.


January – April Gymaversaries:

Ben Raccio 5 Years! Join Date: January 25th, 2012
Kelly B. 5 Years! Join Date: January 28th, 2012
Mike P. 5 Years! Join Date: February 15th, 2012
Tracy T. 5 Years! Join Date: March 22nd, 2012
Joe A. 5 Years! Join Date: March 23rd, 2012
Shawn B. 5 Years! Join Date: March 28th, 2012
Desmond 5 Years! Join Date: March 28th, 2012
Hil B. 5 Years! Join Date: April 1st, 2012
Britt M. 3 Years! Join Date: January 15th, 2014
Alex C. 3 Years! Join Date: January 23rd, 2014
Gina 3 Years! Join Date: February 6th, 2014
Scott Hazan 3 Years! Join Date: March 31st, 2014
Lou 2 Years! Join Date: February 17th, 2015
Derek 2 Years! Join Date: March 5th, 2015
Paul H. 2 Years! Join Date: March 10th, 2015
Meg G. 2 Years! Join Date: March 11th, 2015
Cynthia B. 2 Years! Join Date: April 13th, 2015
Asma 1 Year! Join Date: February 1st, 2016
Elaine 1 Year! Join Date: February 5th, 2016
John A. 1 Year! Join Date: March 6th, 2016
Cole 1 Year! Join Date: March 22nd, 2016
Roz 6 months! Join Date: October 20th, 2016
Juan 3 Months! Join Date: January 3rd, 2017
Jason 3 Months! Join Date: January 22nd, 2017
Jacqueline 3 Months! Join Date: January 23rd, 2017
Carly 3 Months! Join Date: January 27th, 2017

Gut Bacteria

Many of you may not know that inside of you right now are trillions of bacteria.  You might think that these are bad but in reality many of them are needed.  They help you digest food and improve your health.  Probiotics are one form of this bacteria that you are probably familiar with.  Check out this awesome 5 minute video from TED ED to learn more.



What is Resiliency?  Well to put it simply it is your ability, both mentally and physically, to deal with the stresses that are placed on you in life.  According the the world famous Dr. Google Resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”

Right now as we come to the end of the CrossFit Open some of you may not be thrilled with your results.  You may not have done as well as you had hoped, or maybe you set your goals too high for this year.

Mike Lee from OPEX said it perfectly in his recent blog psot titled “What is Resilience?”  Mike says:

At the end of the day remember no one cares where you finish, except YOU. Stop judging yourself according to others. What does it matter?………YOU know that you gave everything to maximize your performance and reach your full potential.

Start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

For some tips on how to increase your resiliency read the rest of Mike’s post here.

If you are resilient you will be able to use this year as a stepping stone to continued improvement and begin working on your weaknesses in preparation for next year.

March Athlete Spotlight

This months Athlete Spotlight is Meghan Fitzpatrick!

We will be doing the Meg F Spotlight WOD this coming Tuesday March 14th

Meg F:
12 min AMRAP of:
200m Row
6! of Deadlifts & Hang Power Cleans [115/75]
200m Row
5! of DL & HPC
200m Row
4! of DL & HPC
200m Row
3! of DL & HPC
AMRAP Burpees in remaining time (if any)

Continue reading below to learn a little bit more about our newest member of the month Meghan Fitzpatrick!

  1. What made you choose CrossFit True?

    Honestly, it was the closest Crossfit to me and I had a great time at the On-Ramp class.  I am so happy with my choice.

  2. How long have you been Training with us?

    It’s been almost three years!

  3. What do you do for the short time of the day that you aren’t with us (i.e. a job)?

    I am a second grade teacher and absolutely love it.  I also enjoy cooking with my wonderful husband Paul and spending time outdoors.

  4. How is your nutrition?Do you eat a certain way?If so when did you make the switch?

    I try my best to eat a clean healthy diet.  I eat Paleo when doing a challenge but I absolutely love pasta and bread so I have to allow myself those things sometimes.  Being married to a chef makes it challenging at times because he brings home such yummy food and I can’t not try it!

  5. What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?

    I’m nervous to answer this because I don’t want to kick myself later but I would have to say Deadlifts, Power Cleans and Rowing.

  6. How about a favorite WOD?

    While I don’t necessarily enjoy it, the Armistice WOD will always hold a special place with me because I think of my best friend Anna, who serves in the United States Air Force, while I do it and it makes me push that much harder.

  7. What is your favorite workout song?

    Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry

  8. What’s your favorite type of workout? (AMRAP, Chipper, ladder, rounds for time)

    AMRAP for sure.  I like to have a time set for my work out so I know how much to expect.  I also enjoy racing against myself to get as many round as possible in there.

  9. Have you changed at all physically or mentally since starting to train with us?

    I’ve always struggled with weight but what Crossfit has done is given me a sense of confidence.. I don’t care so much about how I look anymore, it’s more about how I feel.  It has also become a safe place for me. No matter what I am going through, I walk into True and am able to forget about everything in the time I am there. It’s a place where I can just think about myself and my goals.

  10. What are your current goals?

    To be more consistent with getting to class and hopefully switch to an unlimited membership so I can be more consistent with exercise.

  11. What is your favorite color?


  12. What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before training at CrossFit True

    If we’re being specific I’m going to say a Clean.  For the first year of Crossfit the Clean was the bane of my existence.  I couldn’t get the form down for the life of me, now I absolutely love it!

  13. Say something else, anything!

    Thank you to everyone who is a part of the Crossfit True family.  Every single one of you makes True an amazing place to be.  I have so many happy and wonderful memories just from the past three years and can’t wait to see what’s next.  Oh…and…5:30 a.m. class rules!!! <3


I was looking through some old blog posts today and I came across this one by Laura J.  Give it a read it’s pretty powerful.

“The barbell will not budge. There is too much weight on the bar, my form might be sacrificed due to mental and physical fatigue, but yet my subconscious says “just one more time.” Maintaining a stubborn sense of “this can be done” while living in the parameters of reality can be exhausting, but admitting defeat can be discouraging. Anger, frustration, and annoyance set in, but “drive” is the gear we stay in, the gear we thrive off of, and the gear we get the farthest in.

Many of our strengths come from doing the impossible-running up that last hill when your legs feel like they might not be capable of one more step, forcing two feet out the door when one is telling you to stay behind, and engaging every muscle fiber to finish out that one last rep although the weights feel like they might not move an inch. Strengths are what people see and admire in us, when weaknesses are shamefully hidden but often reveal even more.

Weaknesses are what make us who we are; they are what make me strive for more and encourage me to try that much harder because I will not settle. The barbell can be moved and the steps can be taken once my mind stops playing games. It just takes a little strength to get over a temporary feeling of self-defeating weakness, but it’s during times like these in which I learn just how strong I can be.”

Member Appreciation Nights with Dr. Greg

Dr. Greg Hom will be in the gym this coming Monday, March 6th and Wednesday March 22nd from 4:30-8pm to assist with stretching athletes out before/after the WOD.

This is a **FREE** service provided by CrossFit True for our members.

If you would like to get treated or have any questions stop by and check him out!  There is a sign up sheet at the gym to reserve your 15 minute appointment.
Dr. Greg is a board certified Sports Chiropractor and an International Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He has worked with Team Kaya Dragon Boat Racing, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Spartan Race, and the IPA Push/Pull Showdown to name a few. Dr. Greg is certified in  Kinesio Taping, dry needling, and a variety of instrument assisted soft tissue techniques.

Open Phase Training Overview

Tomorrow starts our next training phase.  This phase will take us through the CrossFit Open which starts this week and runs for 5 weeks.  During these 5 weeks our training is going to be focused on making sure everyone can crush the Open workouts on Friday nights (or whenever you decide to do it if you can’t party with us on Friday, but you should really party)

Here is a simple breakdown of what you can expect over the next 5 weeks:

Monday and Tuesday: “Open” style training sessions, one long, one short and intense

Wednesday: Strength work and core conditioning

Thursday: Aerobic style interval training designed to make you all sweaty and tired but not beat down with included mobility work


Saturday: a team WOD or girl style workout (the workout may change based on what Dave Castro throws at us for the Open

Sunday: Aerobic/Muscular Endurance longer workout


The goal is to allow you to train any day and not be beat up coming into Friday.  I train 5 days/week, Monday-Friday, and take the weekends off.  I will be training Thursdays and doing the Open Friday nights so I don’t want anyone to think that they have to take Thursday off in order to do well.  You can take rest days anytime you want during the week and still be ready to go on Friday.  Thursdays session will be a good workout but it won’t have a huge negative impact on your body.  You should leave covered in sweat and feeling good.

Good Luck everyone and I’ll see you out there!

We’ve Got to Educate Ourselves

The other day some of us got into a great discussion about fish oil, how buying the cheapest is not necessarily cost effective and that the labels can be misleading. It’s hard to resist the fish oil that is less than $10 until you realize that you’ll need to take an excessive amount per day and that the bottle will only actually last about 2 weeks. In order to help explain the label’s SFH provided a great little sheet. You may have looked it over, but chances are you weren’t able to really take in all the info. Lucky for you, I’m going to post it below. It’s definitively worth taking a look at. Even if you are never going to take fish oil, you can relate it to other supplements and start to think about just how important it is to do your research before you buy.

SFH! (851x1100)


If you would like more information on the SFH products you can go to their website at SFH.com be sure to check out their education page.

Valentines Day Workout

Working out is so much more fun when you do it together!

Tuesday is Valentines Day *cough* guys, in case you forgot *cough*.  We are going to be doing a partner workout and would like you all to bring your friends, partners, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, the random girl you met in stop and shop, whoever!  Bring a friend and make the workout that much more fun.

Here is a preview of the festivities…

Valentines Day Partner Workout
Part A. “The Break Up”
Every 30s climb the ladder:
1 Wall Ball
1 Burpee Box Jump
3,3 etc
*Partner A will go in the first 30s then partner B will try and match them in the 2nd 30s. Each partner will go every other round or once per minute. Play this like a game of horse until 1 partner cannot match the other one.

Part B.
“The Make Up”
6 Rounds working with your partner, 1 person working at a time alternate who does each movement
15 KBS
20 Walking Lunges
10 Cal Row/AD

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