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Does CrossFit Work?


Does CrossFit work? I get asked this question a lot.  Usually by someone who is interested in our gym.  You would think the answer was a simple “Yes!” but actually it’s not.

CrossFit is not something concrete, it’s not set in stone.  It is an idea.  The definition of CrossFit is to “perform constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity.”  If you are doing that it’s CrossFit.  However just doing that type of exercise alone is usually not enough.  You need to do the movements correctly, both for safety and to get the proper training effect.  You need to do them with the appropriate intensity at the appropriate time.  You need to take rest days, at least after every 3 training sessions.  You need to eat the correct foods and the correct amounts of them for your lifestyle and training volume.

CrossFit alone may not get you the results you are looking for.  Your diet, what you eat on a daily basis, is the main factor which will determine your success.  At CrossFit True we like to think of the diet as the base of the pyramid.  Without a solid foundation (healthy diet) you will never reach your true potential at the top of the pyramid.

In addition to our CrossFit programs we also offer nutrition coaching.  Our 3 phase nutrition program is the key to getting the results you want.  Everyone who has gone through the program has seen nothing but improvement.  Once they tweak a few things in their diet their exercise performance goes through the roof, they feel better and have more energy.

Read what one of our members Lisa K had to say about her nutrition coaching:

“I recently had the opportunity to meet with Coach Dan for Phase I of a nutritional consult & I wanted to take a minute to share my extremely positive experience with everyone. In all honesty I first went into this thinking, what else could Dan possibly tell me that I haven’t already heard before? Needless to say, lots. Dan took the time to analyze a food log that consisted of everything I ate for a week & then sat down with me to go over his detailed report.

The breakdown was complete with metrics of what I should be eating for my bodyweight and activity level, implementation/ changes to make and recommendations of better food choices. In the end, I found out that I wasn’t eating nearly as many carbs as I should be which was causing fatigue, poor performance & slower recovery. Over the past couple of weeks I made a few minor adjustments and I’m not going to lie…I’ve noticed some major differences! The biggest changes being that I haven’t been nearly as sore as I’ve been in the past (even after all the crazy WODS we’ve been doing lately) and the added bonus of no more after lunch “crash.””

The nutrition coaching in combination with the Crossfit program is truly potent.  We have several clients who have lost over 60lbs. in 6 months or less.

Share your experiences with us.  How has your body changed since joining CrossFit True?

Mental Strength


“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves—to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.” – Unknown


Hitting a new PR (personal record) is an amazing feeling. It’s a big moment when all the training (strength, movement patterns, mental) come together and bring you to the next level, but hitting a new PR every time is unrealistic


Here are 2 categories (I’m sure I could come up with a lot more, like the gravitational pull was much greater, but let’s keep it simple) of why you may not have hit a new PR, the first group is a little easier to absorb mentally; with the last being harder to swallow.


In the first group we have those who are either new or unprepared, if you find yourself in this category the changes you need to make are simple and you will be hitting PR’s soon. It may be that you have never done the work before so you have nothing to compare it to, but now having completed the work you have your starting point and there is nowhere to go but up.


Then we have those who are just unprepared and by this I mean they don’t have a tracking system in place for the workouts or they track their workouts poorly. There is really no excuse for this. Buy a notebook or get an App on your phone and use it faithfully. Keep track of all your workouts, weights, sets, tempos, times, and PR’s. I dedicate the last few pages of my notebook to PR’s and other benchmark workouts that way I know instantly the weight I should be using and the goal I am trying to reach. If you are ever confused on how to track your workouts please ask, we love showing our tracking methods.


The second category can be a frustrating place, but don’t worry you won’t be here forever. Being here is annoying; you’ve been training hard, eating good, and allowing your body to recover, but that new PR is just out of reach. This is when you need to dig deep for the mental strength to keep you motivated and pushing through your plateau. I wish there was an easy answer, do X, Y, & Z and you will get that PR, but it’s just not that simple. For some it may take a month to see a new PR for others a year, but while we are in this zone we need mental strength; instead of focusing on that 1 small part of our training we need to look at the big picture.


Maybe you aren’t getting a new 1-rep max, but how are you feeling doing multiple reps at a lighter weight? Your 500m row has been stagnant, but you’re able to hold on to your pace longer in your 1000m row. You’ve been stuck doing the same size box jumps, but how much better are you getting a cycling them? There is more to it than just PR’s; yes PR’s are magnificent, but don’t let your mental side take over and tell you that you have not made progress just because you didn’t hit a PR.

Sunday 6.19.16

Sunday Funday

Full Body Blast

2 rounds of the below:
30s of each exercise:
staggered hand position push ups
ring pull ups or rows
1 arm DB push press
other arm DB Push press
DB DL to floor + standing hammer curl
flutter kicks
rest 2 minutes
2 minute non stop sled push
rest 2 minutes

Saturday 6.18.16

Team WOD

2016 Regional Team Event 4&5
Complete the below in teams of 3:
1,800m run*
60 OHS w/ Pull Up Hold
100 sit ups w/DL Hold
*The run is completed 200m at a time.  Partners must switch after every 200m.  You must run in order i.e. partner 1, 2, 3 then back to 1.*

Friday 6.17.16

Competition Day

“Mr Hendrix”
A. Build to a max Push press from the back
3 Rounds:
20 Burpees
20 Pull-Ups
20 Push Press, 75/55

With a running clock….
EMOM x 12: 1 Snatch @65%
immediately after…
EMOM x 12: 1 Clean & Jerk@65%
immediately after…
EMOM x 12: 1 Front Squat @65%

Thursday 6.16.16

Practice Day – 5 week Leg/Butt Progression Week 2/5

A. EMOM x 5: 3 Back Squats, Same weight all 5 sets, heavier than last week

B. 8 min AMRAP:
10 Split Squats R Leg Holding DB/KB/plate at center chest
10 Split Squats L Leg Holding DB/KB/plate at center chest
10 Heavy barbell good mornings
20 m FC heavier than last week
*no matter what you must do the same numer of split squats each leg. If time runs out and your legs are not even complete the final sets to do so.

C. 3 RFT:
10 unbroken Front Squats 95/65
20 Walking Lunges w/ DBs at sides
15 unbroken barbell SDLHP 95/65

Wednesday 6.15.16

Mental Toughness Day

“Sharon, sharon, sharon no burpees for you, but here is everything else!”
35 minutes of:
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps
10 T2B
10 ring rows
10 FS 45/33
10 Push Press
10 DL
10 power Cleans
10 KBS 70/53
10 ball slams
10 air squats
10 walking lunges per leg
10 sit ups
10 BS
10 SP

*You get 1 empty Barbell for all of the barbell movements.**

Tuesday 6.14.16

Practice Day

A. 3 sets of pistol progressions + the specific mobility from gymnastics book

B. For perfect reps
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 unbroken reps of:
Empty BB OHS
200m run after each set


With a running clock….
EMOM x 12: 1 Power snatch @65%
immediately after…
EMOM x 12: 1 Power Clean @65%
immediately after…
EMOM x 12: 1 Split Jerk @65%

Monday 6.13.16

Practice Day – 5 week Back & core progression week 2/5

A. EMOM x 5: 3 DL, same weight all 5 sets, heavier than last week

B. 10 min AMRAP of:
12 abmat sit ups
12 unbroken Sumo DL
12 unbroken Heavy dumbbell Shrugs
10 unbroken BW back ext

C. For time:
20s tuck hold
12 unbroken KBS 53/35
60s side plank L
20s tuck hold
12 unbroken KBS
60s side plank R
20s tuck hold
12 unbroken KBS

Sunday 6.12.16

Sunday Funday – full body blast!

30s AMRAP of every exercise below:
Diamond Push ups
chin ups
alternating DB SP 2 arm
DB bicep curls
2 arm DB tricep kick back
Jumping lunges
DB Deadlift to floor
alternating leg raises
Rest 2 minutes
x5 rounds

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