2 weeks vs. a lifetime

In any training program there is always the temptation to overdo it.  You can easily get sucked in to the mindset of: “If pull ups are good for me, then 50 pull ups every day must be great for me!”.  We all have done it.  Sometimes it’s not even just with exercise.  It can be with nutrition also.  You start to think “apples are good for me, I’m going to eat 10 apples a day!”.  Soon you realize though that too much of a good thing can in fact be a bad thing.

The same is true for our training program.  You get better from training by recovering from the training stimulus that you exposed your body to.   You do some pull ups, your tendons, ligaments and muscles breakdown. Then after a recovery period they grow back stronger then they were before.  The problem with over doing it is that you do not give you body the required recovery time.  Instead of breaking down and rebuilding stronger they break down, build back up a bit (but not fully), then you stress them again too soon and they break down more, then more, then more, until finally something gives.

A lot of times I see this in people in the form of tendonitis.  You can think of tendonitis as a bunch of tiny microscopic tears within the tendon.  It usually develops from some sort of overuse.  You are most likely familiar with the terms golfers and/or tennis elbow.  These are forms of tendonitis that manifest due to the repetitive nature of those sports.

People can get tendonitis from exercise as well.  They will begin to notice a small ache on either the inside or outside of the elbow, or below the knee.  It can happen in others areas but those seem to be the most common.

If you pay attention to your body you can easily remedy this situation.  As soon as you notice it beginning you need to back off of any exercise that was making it worse.  If it is an upper extremity issue you should avoid any upper body work for 2-3 weeks.  Focus on your core, low back and lower body.  You can run and ride a bike but no pull ups or push ups.  After the 2-3 weeks of rest it usually goes away and you are good to go.  Just start slowly reincorporating those activities again.

The problem is that most people do not take that 2-3 break from those exercises.  They continue to push for 2-3 months or even longer.  At that point sometimes the issue can become permanent or so hard to fix that it may never go away.  It is a shame that by not listening to their body they allow this to happen.  A really common form of this occurs in runners.  Runners seem to be obsessed with more and more.  They think more is better at all costs.  Because of this they get Achilles or patella (under the knee cap) overuse issues.

Don’t be like those silly runners.  Listen to your body.  Take the rest and recovery time when you need it.


Our brains are powerful. They have the ability to alter reality. Often what we see is not the same as what we believe, the truth gets twisted. Our bodies send us signals, but it is our minds that determines how we interpret those signals.  It is our grit, our mental toughness, that takes an uncomfortable moment or event and either propels us forward or stops us dead in our tracks.


How do we build our mental toughness? How do we push through? How can we train our brains that we can do more even when it looks like everything is against us?


Well, like many things, it takes practice. The great news, mental toughness is not something you are born with and only have so much. You are not predetermined to have more or less grit than your friends. You have the ability to build up your mental toughness, but it’s going to take some work.

All you need to do is push for small wins. You will not go out today and have developed all the mental toughness you need, it’s not a switch you can just turn on. Rather you need to push its boundaries a little bit each day.


Today, I challenge you. Push yourself for 1-extra rep at the gym before you rest. Hold a higher pace than is comfortable for just a few moments longer. Forget what others are doing around you, that will only allow your brain to alter your reality.


Push aside any obstacles that might stand in your way. Make a choice and a plan to get the work done regardless of what outside circumstances might be tugging at you. Remember you are capable, repeat it to yourself over and over.

Committed Club: February

What do I have to do to get into the Committed Club?

It’s easy! Just attend classes 12 times during the month or an average of 3 days/week and you’re in. 3 days/week is that sweet spot where you can really make some serious progress and not get burnt out. As you continue to develop as an athlete you will be able to handle more days and really accelerate your progress.

February 2018 Committed Club


Congratulations everyone who has made the choice to prioritize their health and fitness. If you want to be a good parent, spouse or friend you have to be healthy. If you choose to let your health suffer in order to take care of others you may not be around when they need you the most. Just like on a plane put the mask on yourself first before putting it on others.

Runners Up with 11 classes.
Keep pushing and you all will be there next month!

Unknown Benefits of Meal Prep

Hands down, the #1 thing you can do to improve your healthy lifestyle is food prep.
This allows you to have nutritious meals ready (or mostly ready) in those times of need when you are starving and you need to eat NOW! It allows you to make sure you are getting quality calories not just empty fillers, that will leave your searching for more.


But I know that actually doing food prep appears overwhelming. You might find it inconvenient. You have no time. You don’t have the energy. You don’t know how. The excuses are plentiful.


This is where we need to shine a spotlight on all the benefits of meal prep because they vastly outweigh the negatives.  And I’m not just talking about it leading you to healthier eating and all that comes with having this habit, but things you might not have thought of.


Saves Time:

It might seem like it takes a while to meal prep (and it does) but once it is done, there is nothing else to do. Ask yourself…How much time to you spend daily preparing meals? Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day over the course of a week that is 3.5hours. Once you are in the habit of meal prep it takes less time than that.


Saves Mental Energy:

How often are you asking… What do you want to eat? How much mental energy are you using thinking about what should be for dinner. With meal prep, this happens just once a week. Your food is ready so you don’t need to waste your decision making.


You’ll have less dishes:

Cooking each night requires the use of multiple dishes, but doing your food prep all at once allows you to use minimal dishes each night. Sure, you’ll have to do them on food prep day, but once you do them you basically only need 1 pan to reheat your dinner…or you could just use the microwave and eliminate even more.


You’ll be more active:

We sit a lot. We figure out ways to move less, to make things more “convenient”, but at what cost? Have you ever thought about the way you move your body on a daily basis? You’ve heard that making small daily changes can have huge impacts on your life. Parking a little further from the store your going into or taking the stairs means you are moving just a bit more and over time it adds up in your benefit.

You can think of your meal prep day as active recovery. Standing, chopping, bending down, stirring, carrying dishes & cleaning up. All of this movement helps reverse the effect of our chronically oversitting habits.


Become more mindful:

Doing tasks, like cooking, that don’t require a ton of brain energy are great to reset the mind. Sure you might need to look at your recipe and make sure you are adding the correct items, but when you are chopping & stirring you can let your mind wonder, it’s when some of our best ideas are revealed.


On a final note, don’t wait for perfection. Your meal prep does not have to be 100%, you can start small. Maybe you focus on just one meal? Or you can prep a bunch of protein; grill chicken & steak, brown up ground turkey meat and toss taco seasoning on it. This way all you need to add are some veggies and you’ll have a whole meal.


Try it out this week. Focus on how meal prep will improve your life, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


And So It Begins…

The 2018 CrossFit Open kicks off in less than 12 hours, it’s our time to shine. For many it is the time to test themselves and see how they have progressed over the past year. A time to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and achieve new heights.


If you have participated in the CrossFit Open in the past, you know that it has a way of humbling you. Weaknesses are exposed. And it lights a fire within you to work on those weaknesses. At the end of the Open people are usually hyped up to really crush the coming year. They list lofty goals of improving their olympic lifting, their gymnastics skills, becoming more flexible to achieve a particular movements and gaining strength.


Of course, months (or maybe just weeks) later those goals don’t seems as important. Summer sneaks in, you forget all about what happened during those last 5-week of winter when you participated in something called the Open…..Oh yea…you wanted to get better at lifting….


And now here it is again, the CrossFit Open, you knew it was coming, it wasn’t a surprise, but those goals you had…you were going to get better…..you were going to be ready for the Open.


Well, I have some GREAT news!


I have heard multiple people say “i’m not ready for the Open” I still need to work on X..Y..&..Z. Of course you do, we all do, we can all get better, even the very top athletes are working on their skills trying to improve by that 1%.


And we will continue to get better year after year.


But the GREAT news is, you HAVE GOTTEN BETTER. You have been working on those skills. You’ve put in the time & effort. Now all you need to do is the best you can.


Too often we enter the Open thinking…I wish I was better at this…I still can’t link my double unders…..I still don’t have a muscle up….But what about all the things you’ve done over the past year? I have written out a lot of PR (personal record) postcards, so I know you have been achieving new things.


Reflect on all your bright spots and be proud of the effort you give during this years CrossFit Open.

Lessons from Food

It’s the “final” week of the Lurong Nutrition Challenge, I say “final” because at the end of 5-weeks we have have learned a thing or two, we may have changed our body composition, but we are far from done because there is no “done”…this is an ongoing journey.


Our nutrition challenges give us an amazing opportunity to analyze what we are consuming, which wouldn’t happen if we just made the pledge to eat healthier. Due to their short nature (5 to 8 weeks) and having prelaid guidelines we are forced to focus on our consumption daily. At first it can seem overwhelming, your constantly thinking about what you should and shouldn’t eat.


The biggest hurdle is overcoming the feeling of hunger. Due to the fact that you are thinking more about food, your brain tricks you into thinking you are hungry, but this will pass. Your body and mind will adjust and those false hunger pains will subside.


But as the challenge nears its end we need to refocus. What habits can we stick with? Which ones made the biggest difference? Are we ready to enter a maintenance phase where we can be a little looser with our guideline, but not go off the deep end?


Our mission for health and wellness will continue throughout our lifetime. Chances are the better we take care of ourselves, the longer we will live, and the longer our mission for health and wellness will be. Finding balance is the key to maintaining this lifestyle.


If you need help with nutrition we offer nutrition coaching which provides you with someone you are accountable to and who can guide you on the right choices for your goals. To set up a nutrition coach email monique@true-athletics.com

Friday Night Lights! By Coach Sarah

The 2018 Crossfit Open  is about a week away which means the return of Friday Night Lights at Crossfit True!!!

Starting February 22nd at 8pm a new workout will be released each week from Crossfit HQ for the next 5 weeks. Team True will complete these workouts together during normal class times on Fridays. Like all of our workouts, we will offer scaling options and modifications so that no matter your fitness level, you can participate. With so many of our members competing, please expect our classes to run over a bit. We will also be extending our hours on Friday Nights and run a 6:30pm time slot. This just means there is a greater opportunity to grab a FitAid and hang out to cheer on your friends and watch the magic!
The atmosphere and energy that the Crossfit Open brings is something you won’t want to miss. After the lights go out we’ll be heading to Counterweight Brewing to celebrate our little victories, recap our favorite moments and speculate what next weeks WOD will be.
There will be lots of things to celebrate. That first pull-up, the first push-up from the floor, reaching full depth on a squat, finally nailing a solid overhead position. For some of us it will be completing all of the WODs for the first time. For others it will be that first muscle up or hand stand push up. Every little improvement is a victory. We celebrate each step that brings us closer to wellness.
If you are unsure whether The Open is for you, think back to when you first walked through the doors of Crossfit True…Do you remember that first WOD? Did you think Crossfit was for you? Did you have doubts of whether or not you could really do it? Were you a little apprehensive? Now take a moment and look at how far you’ve come. You’ll find that same experience with The Open.
I love this time of year.
 As an athlete the Crossfit Open always motivates me to dig a little deeper and push a little harder. It encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. It inspires me to grow as a coach to ensure that I am always giving Team True the best. The Crossfit Open teaches me an important lesson each year. I’m eager to see what I’ll discover this year. What will you learn about yourself during The Open?
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