Mobility PRs

We know we harp on you about your mobility or shall we say lack there of, but there is good reason, mobility is the cornerstone to good movement. When we lack mobility it becomes nearly impossible to get into a good starting position and if your starting position is off you can bet that the entire movement will be off, inefficient, or worse, hazardous.

The problem is that we don’t put nearly enough effort into becoming more mobile, we’ll spend countless hours doing work (exercise) to get stronger, faster, skinner/bigger, but very little time working on the quality of  movement.

And its not all your fault

Becoming more mobile lacks glamor and reward. There is no spot reserved in my journal for when I hit a new mobility PR (personal record) although there are multiple pages for strength PR’s (1 rep max, 3-rep max, mile time, Fran time, Fight Gone Bad score, etc.) and I have yet to write on the PR board that I have surpassed my mobility from previous months.

Check out this video from Mobility WOD where he explains the 23:58 rule. Basically the “rule” is that we spend (maybe) 2 minutes mobilizing an area, which leaves 23 hours and 58 minutes not mobilizing.

P.S. We are going to start a new trend….mobility PR’s all over the place…on the PR Board… in your journal….watch out wall squats here we come!