Gut Bacteria

Many of you may not know that inside of you right now are trillions of bacteria.  You might think that these are bad but in reality many of them are needed.  They help you digest [...]

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What is Resiliency?  Well to put it simply it is your ability, both mentally and physically, to deal with the stresses that are placed on you in life.  According the the world famous Dr. Google [...]

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Habits...we all have them; some are good, some are bad, and some well...they just are. It seems like the bad ones come easy, the good ones are nearly impossible and the rest we don’t even [...]

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March Athlete Spotlight

This months Athlete Spotlight is Meghan Fitzpatrick! We will be doing the Meg F Spotlight WOD this coming Tuesday March 14th Meg F: 12 min AMRAP of: 200m Row 6! of Deadlifts & Hang Power [...]

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After Party!

The energy in the gym during Friday Night Lights has been incredible! Once again, The Open has catapulted our athletes. We've seen our friends get their first muscle up. We've watched as they went from only doing 1 [...]

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