I was looking through some old blog posts today and I came across this one by Laura J.  Give it a read it's pretty powerful. "The barbell will not budge. There is too much weight [...]

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Would you check out those numbers!!!!!   With all the hype around the CrossFit Open...it may have slipped your mind that we just completed the Lurong 5-week nutrition challenge, but now that the official results [...]

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What all new CrossFitters should know

Trying something new can be intimidating and that can be especially true when it comes to starting CrossFit. When you first walk into a "box" (click the link to check out more CrossFit lingo) it [...]

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Mobility PRs

We know we harp on you about your mobility or shall we say lack there of, but there is good reason, mobility is the cornerstone to good movement. When we lack mobility it becomes nearly [...]

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