3 things that set our fitness classes apart:

1. Structure – All classes are taught by a highly trained Strength & Conditioning Coach. You will be working alongside a group of motivated, friendly, welcoming students who will encourage and push you every day. Each 1 hour class starts with a group warm up then progresses onto a mobility session followed by skill development, a strength & conditioning training , cool down and stretching. We have over 30 hours of classes each week for you to pick from

2. Accountability – Showing up to class is important. In fact, your results depend on it! If you don’t show up for a week or more one of our Coaches will be calling you to figure out where you are.

3. Variety – Our training is always different. You’ll be using kettle-bells, barbells, plyometric-boxes, dumbbells, medicine balls, gymnastics rings, and more!You will push, you will pull, you will lift, you will sweat, and most of all you will have fun! Even the most beginner athletes will understand better technique and skill in weight lifing, gymnastics, and cardio exercises.



All new clients will meet with one of our coaches to discuss your unique situation, answer your questions and establish goals.



All of our classes include mobility work before and after the training session.  Mobility is an important aspect of fitness and a healthy life.



Strength training will help build muscle to make sure you look tone. More muscle means you will burn more calories throughout the day.



Every class has a conditioning piece which will vary from long & rhythmic to short & intense. This is where you will burn serious calories.


CrossFit Classes

 Whether you are new to CrossFit or an advanced athlete, our classes are for you.  This is where all the fun, camaraderie and competition happen. Our classes will give you with the motivation you need to become exceptional & put the fun back in exercise.

Our classes are taught in a small group personal training format of 5-15 people per class.  Our Coaches don’t “lead” classes from the front while you try to follow along. Instead you are instructed and corrected every step of the way. Our 60-minute classes consist of a warm up,  a skill session to learn all the exercises for the day and a heart pumping conditioning session.


  • 2 Days/Week $85 monthly
  • 3 Days/Week $110 monthly
  • UNLIMITED  $155 monthly
  • Student rates also available

Olympic Lifting

Our Olympic Weightlifting classes focus on developing the skill, strength and speed needed to learn and improve the Olympic Lifts.  This class is appropriate for both beginner and advanced athletes alike.

Just like our CrossFit Classes our Olympic Lifting classes will start with a warm up and then move onto skill and strength development.  This class is focused solely on increasing power, strength and speed.  Each class is taught by a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach.


  • Free class for members

Personal Training

Your goals are unique to you so your program should be unique to you as well. As a personal training client you will receive a custom training program written specifically for you.  You will perform your workouts with your coach guiding you every step of the way.  In addition personal training clients receive:

  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Goal Setting & Life Coaching Consultations
  • Body fat measurements
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Baseline workout re testing to ensure you are progressing


  • $60-$75 per hour

No matter your fitness level we can help