6 Tips to Create a Routine (& Stick to it)

If you missed part 1: 5 Benefits of a Routine you can go back and read it here. Now that we know that although routines seem boring, they actually allow you more time to enjoy the fun things in life. 

Here are a few tips to get your routine back on track or start a new one. Plus a bonus challenge if you really want to get ahead. 

1 Set aside time. The very first thing you need to do is figure out what needs to be part of your routine and what needs to be eliminated. Take 30 minutes and write it all out. What is important to you? What will leave you feeling accomplished? 

2 Put it on your calendar. When first starting a new routine it is best to have it written out as precisely as possible. What time will you do each task? How long will it take? What are you doing before and after? 

* You don’t want to fill out every waking hour with tasks, your calendar should have some wiggle room in it, time to decompress. 

3 Set Reminders. This is particularly important if it’s a new goal you are working on. We often get into our day and completely forget that we wanted to work on a particular task. Set a reminder in your phone at a time that is convenient for you to acknowledge the task and take action. 

4 Track your progress. This is often overlooked and without the back & white evidence that we are either sticking to our routine or avoiding it, our minds will play tricks on us. There are great accountability/habit trackers you can download or a simple sheet of paper with smiley faces works too!

5 Celebrate Wins. Now that you are tracking, you’ll know when you have done what you planned on doing. Celebrate it. Give yourself a pat on the back, brag to a friend, reward yourself. This is important, it rewires your brain. The more success you celebrate the more likely your new routine will stick. 

6 Bonus. If you really want to get your routine together, take a few days and write down everything you do. From the small things like brushing your teeth, to the bigger tasks that will move you closer to your goals. And here is the most important part of this…..you also need to keep track of all your wasted time…scrolling social media, binge watching tv, procrastinating, or thinking about things you have no control over. 

Once you have your daily lists, you can emphasize the things that are productive in your life and eliminate the things that are holding you back.