Athlete Spotlight: Margaret

What made you choose CrossFit True?

If I’m honest, that Facebook ad and those abs! But, also, I had tried and failed many of the bigger gyms. I would go, but infrequently and the extent of my workout may have been a run on a treadmill, I couldn’t be trusted to hold myself accountable to a regular routine in an individual setting. However, it was clear CFT brought with it the accountability I needed by way of a tightknit community of members and talented coaches that went above and beyond when investing in their athletes caring about our progress, goals, and setting us up for success to achieve them (….not to mention Coach Moe was able to hold focus while a toddler ran around during the no sweat intro) !

How long have you been training with us?

Two years with a little COVID hiatus in between because world was nuts for awhile!…..

What has been your proudest moment in the past 90 days?

Yikes, tough to pick one! Certainly, finally getting my first bar muscle up at CFT could not have felt better; the time, the effort, the investment in myself, the strength of a community, and the skills of our amazing coaches allowed me to reach a goal I never imagined my body was capable of! That said, I’m more proud of BMUs 2, 3, 4 and that I don’t find myself feeling discouraged about the days I don’t get over the bar but do still continue to feel good (great!) about trying!

When you’re not at the gym, what do you do for work? What do you do for fun?

For work is all things public health with my incredible colleagues at YSPH – I love epi data and figuring out ways to improve population health! For fun, all things family and spending time with our lovely little fireball of a four-year-old.

How is your nutrition? How has it changed since joining CrossFit True?

So much has changed! I thought little about what I was eating pre-CFT and found myself mostly with a plate toddler leftovers…working out at CFT my body started making the shift for me, craving healthier fuel and surrounded by the smartest of friends (and not to mention THE healthiest of hubs) to cultivate ideas! CFT was the forcing mechanism that helped me shift my mindset where I realized the importance of knowing that it’s not just what we do at the gym, but how we care for our bodies outside the gym which has positively influenced the choices I make at the table now!

What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises? 

This is a tough one, there are so many! Love a) anything bodyweight (push-ups, air squats, pistols, box jumps, DUs, wall walks, no secret I love to run 😊 etc etc not one I am disappointed to see!), b) if the BMU goal didn’t give me away…love the rig! and, c) power cleans.

What is your favorite style workout? (AMRAP, EMOM, Rounds for Time, etc)

I enjoy working towards a goal like rounds for time, or EMOM, or complete X amount of work under this time cap. Even better if it is a long sweaty workout (followed by hugs immediately after of course 😊) – I like the mental challenge of honing in on how to sustain on a longer workout rather than sprinting through.

What about your favorite workout?

The Chief because there is something about torturing myself with moderately heavy power cleans I cannot resist!

Any favorite workout songs? 

Song selection is always good at the gym but Eminem and 80s hits get me moving faster every time! 

Have you changed physically or mentally since you’ve been working out with us?

Both! Physically I feel stronger and bonus I did finally lose that baby weight (guess toddler weight now!). Mentally, however, is where I’ve felt the biggest change. It seems like a small thing, but I remember being so nervous when I joined I would keep my eyes on the ground, too nervous to look up or even choose weights to put on the bar, but since joining the biggest gift I’ve gained is my own self-confidence, I can feel good about holding my head higher on most days now! 

What are your current goals?

Increasing my body awareness, I never know where my body is. Now I am hoping to more actively tune into my movements as well as better understand/respond to what my body is telling me. It’s tough!

How have your goals changed since you joined? 

When I first joined I didn’t do it for me, I did it for everyone around me. However, I stayed at CFT for me. The biggest change being I now feel comfortable (and confident!) defining my own personal fitness goals, for me. 

What has been the biggest surprise since joining CF True?

How much CFT has become a second home to me. I never expected in joining a gym I would be joining a family. Everyone at the gym, members and coaches alike, have been the most encouraging, kind, supportive group of people I couldn’t be more grateful to spend an hour of my day and a huge part of my life journey with. 

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before joining?

A lot, but I am most excited about no longer needing a box or bar for those pull ups and push-ups !!

Say something else, Anything! 

I am just so grateful for the CFT community. It is a space where I can say I don’t feel nervous to come in and just be myself on all the days; even those days where that version of myself isn’t my best self I know I have a safe space to go and that’s a rare thing to find anywhere.