Creating your Fitness & Health Routine

You have started thinking more and more about your health, you’re ready to get started (or start up again) but where do you start? 

There are a few common mistakes people make, let’s explore them and how to overcome them. 

1. Doing it all at once. This is a biggie, most people try to do everything all at once. Their plan is to start going to the gym 5x/week, eat only healthy meals, stop drinking, stop smoking, get 8-hours of sleep a night, & drink plenty of water. 

Have you done this? I’m guilty. 

Trying to accomplish all of this at the same time will only set you up for failure. We need to choose 1 of these things, maybe 2 and give those habits our full effort. 

For most people, starting to exercise is one of the easiest to start because it is something you are going to START doing, rather than something you are trying to STOP doing. What can make it even more successful is joining group fitness classes or personal training.  

2.Doing it alone. Too often we don’t want to share our goals, or when we are trying a new thing because we feel our friends/family will give us that funny unsupportive look. Personal Training and Group training at CrossFit True in Hamden Connecticut allows you to be on a team of like-minded people. People who will lift you up, cheer you on, and be more supportive than you could ever imagine. 

The other piece to taking on your new routine with a team is putting more knowledge into your plan. Having a coach can greatly increase your performance. You can worry less about what to do, when to do it and how much to do, leave that up to your personal trainer or fitness coach.  

3.Setting your expectations too high. When we decide we want to change everything at once, we also set up massive goals. It’s okay to have colossal goals, but you also need to set up checkpoints along the way. 

This is where you can turn to your coach. They can help you break down your big expectations. Maybe it will take a year to accomplish your ultimate goal, but what can we get done in the next 3-months, 3-weeks, 3-days and how will we celebrate those milestones? 

4.Thinking Setbacks = Failure. You’re going to have set backs. You’re going to slip up, miss a workout, eat cake, etc. But those little hiccups are not failure, they are part of life, part of the process and with the right team you can learn how to overcome them, and still move closer to your goals. 

When your routine is in place, you will likely veer off course less often. It is no longer motivation that is taking you through, but rather the discipline to keep showing up and making the best choices. If you slip and miss a workout, you’re right back at it the next day, you won’t miss two in a row, you won’t completely give up and throw in the towel. 

When you have these components in place, your routine will be unstoppable. 

-choose 1 or 2 focus points, 

-surround yourself with likeminded people who will lift you up, 

-set realistic expectations & celebrate along the way, and 

-understand that a mistake is not grounds for quitting

We can help you get there. Schedule a Free No Sweat Intro and speak with a coach about getting your fitness routine back on track.