Toot Your Own Horn!


You are doing amazing things. Day in and day out, you are making good choices, hard choices to improve your life. They are often challenging and almost never rewarded.

Many of you reading this workout on a regular basis and for that congratulations!!! There are so many people trying to get started, maybe that was you at one point, but now you are doing it! For some, it’s now a habit and often overlooked. If you worked out this week give yourself a pat on the back.

If you choose to eat some vegetables, went for a walk on your lunch break, parked your car a bit further from the store, skipped the dessert, worked on a hobby, went to bed a bit earlier, focused on hydration, limited you alcohol, mediated, stretched, or anything else that moved you a bit closer to health……give yourself a round of applause!!!!

Today, focus on all the little things you do, and acknowledge that you choose to do them, give yourself credit because you do a great deal to better your health.