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Monique Beauchamp, simply known as Moe to most, helps people gain confidence and take control of their life through fitness & nutrition. With a lifelong passion for being active and a fascination with the human body, it was a natural progression to share her knowledge and love of fitness with as many people as possible. As the owner of CrossFit TRUE in Hamden, Moe has built a team that is able to teach, inspire, and motivate thousands of people in the community.

Moe has been fortunate enough to know, understand, and experience the power of fitness.
The thing that most people don’t realize is that it’s not just an hour of exercise; what we do at CrossFit True seeps into every other aspect of people’s lives. They become more confident, they take on difficult challenges, and they exceed their expectations while becoming physically and mentally healthier.

Although there have been many achievements since CrossFit TRUE opened in 2011, Moe’s greatest achievement is keeping members active, connected and healthy no matter what life throws at them. Knowing how much fitness can impact someone’s life in a positive way, it’s always been essential to provide an outlet for her community, a safe place they can come to get away from their daily stressors.

The health & fitness world is still in its infancy; new protocols, knowledge, and awareness are continually being brought to light. As health and fitness evolves so does CF TRUE, we are constantly adapting and implementing new techniques to help our members become even more confident in their abilities.

However, there is one thing that stands out as the cornerstone to our members achieving their goals; accountability & support. We promise to always have your back; to lift you up when you are down and celebrate all your accomplishments along the way!

Our coaches

Ryan Dymarczyk coach at CrossFit True

Ryan Dymarczyk

Being given the opportunity to coach has meant the world to me.

Mia Tosetti coach at CrossFit True

Mia Tosetti

Helping other people feel proud & capable in their bodies is what makes Coaching so meaningful to me.

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