Why Choose CrossFit True Athletics?

  • Male & Female locker rooms and showers
  • Multiple programs for all ability levels
  • Clean state of the art facility in an upscale neighborhood
  • Welcoming community who will encourage and support you
  • Full time, professional, Coaches who are experts in their field

What Our Client’s Are Saying

“I found the level of professionalism at CrossFit True Athletics superb.”
Gabriel, member since April 2012
I  think your love of CrossFit and desire to truly help people improve is easy to see and people respond to that.”
Greg, member since February 2012
“As someone who has struggled with exercise-induced asthma for over 20yrs, I was happy to find that regular work at your facility has significantly lessened my asthmatic symptoms! Good-bye inhaler!”
Kelly, member since February 2012
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