Your Safety is Our Biggest Priority

Your Safety is Our Number 1 Priority

Here is how we have been continuing to protect our members against Covid-19

Upon Arrival


Each person is assessed:

o Have you had any of the following symptoms since your last visit?

 Fever

 Chills

 Repeated shaking with chills

 Muscle pain

 Headache

 Sore Throat

 Loss of taste or smell

o Every person entering the gym will have their temperature taken

 Below 100˚ you will be allowed to enter

o Wash Your Hands

 The first order of business is to wash your hands before you touch anything

 This will reduce the spread of germs coming from where ever you may have been prior to the gym. (Steering wheels are notorious for germs)

Working Out


o Each person is provided with their own area to workout

o Equipment is there for you to limit wandering around the facility

o Spaces are 12 feet apart providing enough distance to comply with the regulations

Post Workout


o Each station is provided with a spray bottle full of premium disinfected

o Everything that was touched is sprayed down

o Disinfectant remains on equipment for 5-10 minutes

o Any excess is wiped dry with a clean towel that is put out at the beginning of each class

o Used towels are placed into the dirty laundry

o Prior to leaving wash your hands again

Between Classes


– There is a minimum of 45 minutes between classes to allow for proper cleaning.

– Coaches take extra steps to keep everyone safe

o Each workout station is mopped with a disinfectant

o “Hot Spots” are cleaned with disinfectant (Doors, faucet, light switches, etc)

o Hard to reach areas (pull up bars) are given an extra cleaning

Member Obligations

We ask that our members adhere to social distancing regulations and are considerate to other members. Each of us has a different take on Covid-19. When in doubt ALWAYS error on the side of too cautious.

Additionally we ask:

-Please stay home if you are sick or have been exposed to other who are sick
-Commit to the 14 day quarantine if traveling to high risk states (
-Minimize your time at the gym before and after class
-Reach out to us if you have any concerns or suggestions

We are extraordinarily grateful that we are able to continue to provide an outlet for health and happiness.