Yes, You Can

You’ve got this!

There is no doubt that the world is being tested right now. 

It feels shocking because most of us live with blinders on…”that can never happen” 

But here we are, living in a new world we never thought possible. 

There are many things that are out of our control, but we still control the most powerful element and no one can take that away.


Do you choose to let the situation control you? 

Or do you make the best of it? 

Are you approaching each day with hope? 

Or do you drag your feet each morning? 

Choosing to believe in positivity takes some work, our brains easily focus on the negative, and we often dismiss something positive with a “yea, but”….

“Great job getting to the gym 2 days in a row”….”Yea, but I missed all last week”

To be successful with our mindset, we have to shine the light at all the good things, no matter how big or small and we need to hold that focus….No “yea, but” 

Take a moment and be grateful, even for the smallest of things. A really great cup of coffee in the morning, a friend who made you laugh, a sunny day, or checking something off your to-do list. The more you can practice appreciating the good, the easier it will become.

Or better yet, if you are up for a challenge, switch the negative and positive around the “yea, but”

“You missed all the workouts last week, Yea, but I got here 2 days in a row this week!”

Start Small

Practice Everyday